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Traveling has become a task we take upon ourselves to plan now a day. At times, it could become a big project depending on the number of people and the length of the trip. It isn’t the way anymore to call a travel agency and be done. Now, you are the travel agency partnered with an online website who can provide you with the details for flights and accommodations. If you ever have to look for last minute flights you know it could be frustrating. When we had to look for cheap flights to Michigan the prices were frightening.

Had I known about LastMinute.com, I would have saved a lot of time looking for last minute accommodations. The website has a new look, and it is a lot easier to navigate around. I was surprised to see a tab for customer support on the top right. It was very easy to spot and not to mention, there are even phone numbers. I think some online services hide their numbers on purpose so that they don’t have to answer customer calls. It worries me when I am about to do with business with a website and can’t find their contact information. Let’s face it, doing business online is great when everything works out. But when things don't exactly go the way you planned, it might be good to have assistance from a functioning brain to help you solve the problem.

I give the website thumbs up for being brave enough to have the customer support contact tab. I love browsing through the Experiences tab, which is similar to tour packages. It is a great place to get ideas. There are so many to choose from but I was really intrigue with the 60 minute Balloon flight tour with Breakfast, and The Yarra River Ride Cycle Tour. How about Wine Tasting Half Day? They all sound like so much fun!

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  1. Flying can be expensive, so it's good to find deal at last minutes.

  2. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am always confused when it's time to buy air tickets. I will definetely use this site.

    New follower on GFC through Relax and Surf Sunday.

    Have a great week

  3. It is so expensive to fly! I swear they will start charging passengers by how much they weigh soon and also charging for newborns!

    It's nuts!

    I should send this link to dh, just in case it's helpful to him.

    Thanks for sharing.


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