Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Winner! #4

It gives me great pleasure to announce Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #4 Winner!

Every three months since the date of Self Sagacity's inception, I ran a Top Commenter Contest. The person with the most comments within the two-week period wins a 30-day ad space on Self Sagacity. The rules are simple, because you are already doing them. Everyone is welcome. This fourth commenter contest ran from November 19th to December 3rd. An announcement is usually posted at the top of Self Sagacity's homepage, and on the side bar under Self Sagacity's Message Board. If you would like to participate, read Self Sagacity Top Commenter Contest to learn about the details.

Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #4 Winner is Squirrel Queen

Squirrel Queen has two blogs and a cat named Cindi Lou, and you can see this precious kitty on her websites:  Through Squirrel Eyes. Although this contest isn't about the comment quality, only to an extent that the comments are not less than five words, Squirrel Queen's comments are thoughtful and genuine. For that, she is to be commended even more for taking the time to read my posts.

If you don't know Squirrel Queen already, please click on over to say hi, you will not be disappointed with her photos. She truly enjoys photography and it shows in the magnificent takes of the images on her blogs.

Thanks Squirrel Queen for your participation. Your valuable time and Sagacity thoughts are much appreciated. Please also see Squirrel Queen's link on my side bar.

December 3rd, 2010 was Self Sagacity's one year anniversary / Birthday since the live date of December 3rd, 2009. Running this contest has been the way Self Sagacity chose to celebrate the monumental periods of my blog's existence, see the first commenter contest winner announcement on March 3rd, 2010, second commenter contest winner on June 3rd, 2010, and third commenter contest winners on September 3rd, 2010.

It really feels great to announce the winner of Self Sagacity's Top Commenter Contest #4 today, and Congratulations again Judy!

Hope you all join me next time, February 17th thru March 3rd 2011.

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  1. Happy blog anniversary and congrats to you squirrel queen! :)


  2. Congratulations Judy! You are an asset to any blog!

  3. Happy Bloggyversary! Thanks for joining Bee Friendly, I am a new follower:)

  4. Congrats to Judy, she is very loyal and a wonderful photographer!

  5. Thank you so much for the kind words Amanda. I always enjoy visiting you blog, your posts are informative and well written.

    Happy Blogoversary.
    You have come a long way in the past year here in the Blog Universe and I am happy to have shared the journey with you.



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