College Football Games

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When football season comes around, that is the only time that my husband and dad have anything in common to talk about. When football season starts, you can't change the channel on the satellite TV from because "If it's not football, we're not watching it". I don't have any idea what any of the conferences are called or the names of the plays or moves like my husband does, but I do love the happy dances that the players do when they score. We used to go to the games when I was still in college, mainly because we could get tickets cheaper. Since that time, we just watch the games at home which is fine with me. I can be in the comfort of my own home while we watch the game.

My husband still has to dress up in his jersey, hats, scarves and every other piece of Husky apparel that he owns to watch a game. If he has friends over, they all end up with painted faces to sit in front of the television. I just stay in the kitchen and keep the snacks and beers coming. I prefer it that way. This year, my husband and his friends are getting a real treat-- all of us wives are sending them to a game so we can go Christmas shopping without complaints of how much we spent.
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  1. I'm a football pro now, compliments of my husband lol. That does not mean I want to sit and watch it and he just doesn't get that. I'll sit for a few seconds to see a play or watch a game in the last 1 minute (you know commercial will make that one minute into 6 or 10 minutes), if it's a great game.

    So I totally understand this :)

    I love the idea of sending them off to have fun while the ladies go shopping. *Wonders if this will work on my hubs* :)

  2. My hubby was a football hero in high school but he isn't really a fan of any particular team now. Once in awhile we watch a game together, he has taught me a lot about the game.


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