Happy Thanksgiving! | Thursday Two Questions #11

Happy Thanksgiving! May you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday.
Self Sagacity sharing art work by a three year old, Miss Trinity. She colored the turkey and made a Thanksgiving card.
I am sure she got a lot of help from Miss Becca, an awesome young lady that tackles Wee Three every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. She has charms that the kids just can't resist. Like Trinity always pleads: "Mom, I need Miss Becca today."

Here are my Thursday Two Questions:
1) Do you have specific memories on Thanksgiving?If you don't have Thanksgiving in your part of the world, then, the question would be: Do you have specific memories this month? [You're not obligated to go into details, if you don't want to.] What emotion does this memory (ies) trigger ?
2) When did you come to know about Thanksgiving?

Here I share my thoughts:
1) Around this time of year, besides it being Thanksgiving. My specific memories are Birthday celebrations for all my love ones and close friends: my father, my x-husband, my sister, my brother and my sister in-law, my close client / friend and her son. The emotions that these celebrations bring are mostly joy for everyone still living, but as far as my dad's BD, it brings quite a sadness inside.

2) I wasn't born in the US, so I did not know about Thanksgiving until I was ten. We came to the US when I was nine, but missed Thanksgiving the first year.

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  1. 1. I normally look back at the end of the month or the week to assess and appreciate the past. So far, it is one happy and quiet week.

    2. A lot of my relatives are Americans which is why we celebrate with them as well. And I happen to work in an environment with a lot of foreigners which made me know and appreciate their cultures.

  2. I'm so sorry. Pressed for time tonight and tomorrow. Thanksgiving for me means good friends like the ones I've met through Thursday Two Questions. I'm thankful that I've discovered you. Happy Thanksgiving and see you again next week.

  3. We celebrated Thanksgiving ever since I can remember. Usually it meant big family get togethers with loads of wonderful food. Everyone would bring a dish to pass and we would get to play with our cousins.

    When my children were small I would take a weeks vacation and bake all kinds of goodies trying to make their thanksgiving more memorable. Before eating everyone would share something they were grateful for then we would say grace and eat, and eat...This was the one time the children could eat as much as they liked.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Love your Trinity turkey!

  4. Trinity's Thanksgiving card and hand print turkey are so cute, Miss Becca does a great job.

    My main memories of Thanksgiving when I was growing up are of my parents (my dad was a fantastic cook) preparing the dinner. We usually had a house full of family and friends.

    Thanksgiving is one of my earliest memories.

    Amanda, wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.


  5. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

    I don't think I have any special memories for this time of year. If I was in my country, I'd know that the holidays were around the corner and it would be sad for me because I would be alone.

    We don't celebrate this Thanksgiving in my country. I came to understand about Thanksgiving holiday about 6 years ago when I came to the US.

    p.s Where were you born?

  6. it's been a bit hectic these past few weeks. there was some disappointment but also some good news to keep me in a positive and hopeful state of mind.

    i remember an aunt living in America called my grandfather around this time every year when i was a kid. but didn't really know about Thanksgiving until i was about 23 and working for an American company.

  7. (I am combining your two questions!) The last few years have been quite a struggle. It is in that time I have been more conscious of the US Thanksgiving. I have chosen that time to be more conscious of my blessings in the run up to Christmas!

  8. Thanksgiving means big family get together, and a wonderful meal.

    I missed dad's bd this year, but did stop by his grave the day before.

    I didn't know about Thanksgiving feast until I got married and had a chance to see how they celebrate.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  9. Memories of Family and Friends. Earliest thoughts. special school activities 1st 2nd grade if I can remember back that far. LOL.. Happy Holidays

  10. You should also have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  11. Answers:
    1. We don't have Thanksgiving in the Philippines but November is a month to be thankful for because it is the birth month of 3 of the most important people in my life... My Grandmother's on the 8th, my Mom's on the 9th and my Dad's on the 22nd.
    2. I came to know about Thanksgiving Day of the US in books and I celebrate it since I came here in 2007.


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