Playing beach flag football

Guest post written by Dean Wood

I won't lie. When I found out I was getting transferred somewhere for my job and I had a choice between living at the beach and somewhere that wasn't the beach, I chose to live at the beach immediately. Plus, some of my buddies from college already lived there so I'd get to hang out with them all the time again. Then when I finally got there, I joined up a beach flag football league that they were all members of.

When I was setting up my internet after I moved, I had came across a service that seemed like it was better than the one that I had used at my old place so I decided to click here and get my service changed to it.

I had never played beach flag football before. It's a little harder to run in the sand, which makes it more challenging than the flag football that me and all my friends used to play for an intramural team back in college.
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  1. I love watching little kids in the parade with their costumes! So much fun, and your daughter is gorgeous..

  2. i have never played beach football too, and actually i am not good at football at all :) my students laugh at me the way i throw the ball :)

  3. My kids at work loves playing football maybe I could innovate something for the game and introduce beach flag football. they will surely love it.

  4. Heck. I would have the energy to watch the waves. And that would be just perfect for me!

  5. I would have made that choice too :)

    But is it wrong that I'm kinda not sure how flag football is played? I'll have to go look it up!

  6. Beach flag football sound like fun and good exercise!

  7. It is a fun game, I have played informally a few times. We used to play volleyball in the sand and it is very hard to run.


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