My Beautiful Wife and The Race

Guest post of the week by Roscoe Harris

This month I have attended two Nascar races and each time was even better than the one before. Its always me and my wife that end up going, she is completely amazing! Not many women enjoy hunting, fishing and racing, but my wife does! Before we left for the race we set the home security alarm(click for more information) and double checked all of the doors to see if they were locked tightly. On the ride there we stopped at Pizza Hut to grab a quick bite to eat and then set off on our journey to the race way! When we finally arrived there we got seated and grabbed a couple drinks from the beer guy. My wife was all decked out in racing gear and looking completely beautiful as always. The guys next to us kept glancing over to look at her thinking that I did not notice. But I definitely did! We were at the race way from hours it seemed and then it finally ended, my wife pouted as we left and we decided we would go home and watch replays.
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  1. Nice to see a man who appreciates his wife. :-)

  2. RH sounds like my husband when we go to desert races like VTR or the Baja 1000. I love to watch NASCAR with hubby.

  3. @Judy Sheldon-Walker I think it's romantic when a man noticed others staring at his wife and be proud, instead of jealous!

  4. Oh this kind of man is endangered and getting extinct. hahahaha... but with proper motivation from wifey... they will survive the threat of extinction.


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