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Cut WatermelonIt has been hot this week and I love it! Watermelons seemed to fit the occasion perfectly.

Silicon Valley never gets hot enough for me, I like it on the warmer side. But this week I finally had my wish, we were having 90-degree weather. What's so great about where I live is 90-degree only lasts a few hours. The mornings is cold to me where I often deice by my windows, and in the evenings having a light sweater is comfortable for me. That is why I never seemed to get enough of the heat.

Watermelons have been on sale like festival time! It's wonderful. While photographing the pictures below, I couldn't decide whether to blur out the fruit or the flower. They both looked so good to me.
This Friday, I am sharing a natural recipe. Here is what you need to know about watermelons:

Lycopene: cancer fighting oxidant.
Glutathione: immune-system booster.
It’s 92% water so is the best thirst quencher you can find.

My SO and I are always hunting for fruits or food that are calorie reversed. We only wish. But nevertheless, since there is so much water in the fruit, watermelon is almost a system cleanser, and makes you feel full fast so that you don't need to eat a lot. Another one of those fruits that contains a lot of water is the Pommelo Fruit Zero. It is so hard not to be tempted with those decadent desserts.

Zinnia and Watermelon Watermelon

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  1. Came from Fun Follow Friday :)
    Watermelon is my favorite food. All sumer I ate one a day. Probably not so good for you when you eat so much of it, lol.

  2. Yes, yes... Watermelon.. That is my favourite of all fruits.. :) Love its juice..
    How can I ever thank you? You always show something new to me.. I have never seen a watermelon flower and wow, I am seeing it in here.. Great! :)
    Oh yes, I love watermelon so much that I always add it with salad instead of dressing.. Hahaha..

  3. I have found that watermelon really helps me lose weight too. Who knew? It took me years to really like watermelon and now I just love it.

  4. I love fruits! We don't have many choices left since it's getting cold here!

  5. Watermelon is a favorite of mine! I don't know how you cut yours ... but I discovered a great way to cut and serve without any mess whatsoever.

    Works best with those smaller seedless melons.

    With sharp knife, carve out (maybe an inch or two) an oval into the melon while it's laying on the horizontal. Remove, scoop out watermelon balls with an ice cream scoop. When you have served all you need, simply place the 'top' back, refrigerate until you are ready to serve again.

    No dripping, no mess. Now, if you are already doing this .... good job!

  6. I love watermelon as well. It is the ultimate thirst quencher and yes with the 90 degree heat we had last week, watermelon and ice cream was the food for the day :)

  7. @Jen MSo true, I think most things are not good to eat too much off. Balance is key.

  8. @Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike)I am sure there are so many things that I am still learning everyday. Still thanks, and hope you stick around for a while.

  9. @JacquelineI don't like them much either, until the last couple of years. They are good for loosing weight.

  10. @Icy BCSeemed like MI is fabulous in the summer, but winter is harsh and fruit is scarce.

  11. @HelenSmart idea! I like that and will try it. I am not doing it that way, still the old fashion way. Chop into and cut into slices.

  12. I love watermelon! I can eat an entire big round watermelon. I just need to use the bathroom every now and then. wink* but yet, i love it so much even watermelon flavor ice cream.

  13. Watermelon is o-k, but I love pommellos. This year they were scarce in our stores. I only found it once.

    Amanda, nice pics.

  14. @Judy Sheldon-Walker pomellos are really wonderful. I didn't have much luck finding great ones this year.

  15. I love all kinds of fruit but in the summer watermelon is my favorite. It is a great thirst quencher and I know it is good for me. Plus for most of the summer I can get them here fresh from the fields.

  16. i love watermelon, true, somehow our heat does not really last long, morning and nights always are cool :) Now, it is back to 60s but just chillier because of the very strong wind today :(

  17. Hey girl! I love and adore watermelons! Oh my goodness! I remember the long, lazy, hot summer evenings I used to spend out in my front yard- eating whole watermelons, stuffing myself silly! Oh my goodness! hahahahah! I love them so much!

    BTW... I finally saw in person a "purple cabbage" hahahaha! They are real!

  18. @SquirrelQueenHow lucky you are, I love anything fresh and right from your backyard.

  19. @betchaiSan Diego is still too cold for me and SO. I think we want to be in a hotter climate ultimately.

  20. @CThere are many amazing nature, flowers missy. And they are real, otherwise, how can I take their pictures? smiles.


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