Parakeets Contentment or Choice?

colorful parakeets contentmentParakeets are beautiful, and colorful in nature, but occasionally you will see one that is very special such as the white one below. He/ she is the parakeet I saw with one color.
I come to this park often, as you probably have already guessed from seeing many of my Happy Hollow posts. The park now has an overnight stay program for kids, as long as each child brings his or her own camping gear. I am very fond of camping, I like sleeping outdoors for some reason, and we used to go camping a lot before Trinity came along.
I must confess that every time I see these parakeets, I wondered why they haven't flown away? They are out in the open, no cages, no strings tying them down. They seemed very content. These parakeets never fly {move by themselves} anywhere, at least when I have been around.

Speaking of contentment, it seemed as if over time humans naturally become settled or content with their lives. Being content is probably not in my nature as I like changes and making improvements whether big or small. The day I become totally content, is probably the day I have lost myself. Yet, there is the other side to what may seemed as contentment. It also may be that realistically, some things are better left unchanged.

Therefore, some situations don't fall into contentment, but more about choice.

If I was one of these parakeets here, I would have flown away already. Even if it was just to explore a bit.
red gold parakeetall white parakeet
green gold parakeetred blue gold parakeet
I am pleased that you came by to visit me today. If you have any thoughts please comment below.
Thank you~
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  1. I used to think that I was someone who stays at being contented but not for long.. A priest once told me that I am someone who get contented easily but not for long because I keep seeking and improving - moving.. I used to think it was a sign of being ungrateful but not anymore. I take pride in feeling contented the fullest during that moment as a stop, kind of like a break, stop and reflect and move on.. I don't know why but I guessed Parakeets showed somewhat the same sign too? Thanks for sharing dear, you made me realise that I am not alone.. :)

  2. One of my neighbours once had a parrot. I thought it never flew away because it didn't want to, but what I came to know later was that they had partially cut off it's wings so that it wouldn't fly away. This happens in most of the cases where exotic birds are left in the open. Atleast that's what I've observed especially with the domesticated-uncaged ones.

  3. I think these birds create their comfort zones and needless to say, they stay and never go...they like company in the place they decided to call home.

    Their colors are vibrant and beautiful. I just hate the fact they they can talk -- they are so annoying when they talk. But their colors are amazingly wonderful.

  4. They are colorful birds, and watching them is fun..Wonderful pics, sis..

  5. A friend of mine had a parrot and it was so funny. He used to say funny words and as a kid I was laughing like crazy.

  6. hey there! thanks so much for visiting my blog! i am now your latest follower! i cant wait to read your blogging tips. i have been wanting to add a favicon to url for a while! have agreat saturday!!!xo

  7. They really are exquisite. Lovely shots.

  8. Gorgeous! Makes me miss the lorikeets at The Good Zoo.

  9. yeah, they are beautiful and interesting birds, sometimes i too wonder why they don't fly away since they are capable to, but i guess they love where they are. i see myself as a contented person despite i seek changing things like you :) but i don't think my reason from changing is discontent but more to see and explore more what is in there but would not mind also going back the way it was or something :)

  10. I love birds especially parakeets. They are really colorful and I really enjoy hearing their coos.:)

  11. These are beautiful photos.

    I have not seen one of them up close with my eye, just in photos.

    And I think change does not necessarily mean that you aren't content.

    I always try to be content, but the journey of my life has muddled me abit and make me worry too much so I think for me, the day I find full contentment with life is the day that I find myself.

    I love reading your article.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. an example for me. I grew up in the orphanages and kept been moved around, so even though we have a home now, I get the feeling it's time to move again. And sometimes it's a panic feeling, but I calm myself....a little.
    But I know soon that feeling to move and get that new feeling will come again soon.

    I can't tell you how many schools I've been to because of moving...it's like my soul have come to expect this upheaval..this new...this need to go.

  13. very interesting. i am whining about not having nice shots of birds... now this is the answer... birds that never fly. hahaha. now my problem is, where will i find them here in Maine. hayyyy. More whining here. LOL.

  14. Hello beautiful ♥

    My mama is here! I love her so much!!!!! ♥ ♥

    Anyway.... hehehehe..... Thanks for sharing all of your sweet posts! And I always appreciate all of your visits over at my place! :)

    You'll have to drag me by the hair to get me to go camping with you! hahahahahahahahahahha! :D

  15. We had ducks one summer as a child. Dad even bought incubators and we had hundreds hatch. No one told Dad to get the wings clipped. They flew south.

    Yours are wonderful. I pray for your contentment. :-)

  16. I am another one that does not have a nature for contentment. I enjoy change and I'm always looking for better ways to do things or better deals on products.

  17. So many of these birds are content, probably, because they are well fed and don't need to fly elsewhere in search of the next meal. There is something to be said for that and to be free from danger. Of course, many that are owned by zoos and theme parks may have their wings clipped. I know that the ravens at the Tower of London do...as it is said if they fly away the Monarchy will fall and we couldn't have that, could we?


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