Cute and Cozy

There is no end to creativity. This little cozy area is just right for sitting and sipping a cup of coffee, or maybe evening chats while watching your little one tear up the place?

As usual, I can't sit for long. The longer I sit the more to dos I think of, like the incomplete projects that are just screaming to be finished. We've had an eventful summer, but it is time to pull it together.

This little sitting area is cozy and romantic. Though it is not in my home, I wouldn't mind having an area like this to sip a cup of coffee in the mornings and glass of wine in the evenings. And I can even see myself sitting there with my laptop to blog or surf the net. Day dreaming a little here again, but it's hard not to dream and wander off looking at a cute and cozy place like this.

I love how it all matches even to the color of the leaves from the Japanese Maple Tree. The red leaves are very deep and rich in color, yet bright in the sunlight. The lining from the other trees around the area really gives it privacy and shade. Shade is terrific to have in the summers, as we hardly have any right now and have to use umbrellas. I can't wait until all the little trees in my backyard grow a little more. They have just been planted a year ago, so they are still quite small, though is is fun to watch them grow.

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  1. It is a lovely spot, Amanda....and the Japanese maple is such a beautiful tree. At one time, I was very into bonsais and had about ten, including the cutest little stand of tiny Japanese maples.

  2. That looks like a wonderful place to sit and do whatever you like..

  3. I would enjoy sitting there with you and enjoying the sights of nature.

  4. I would love to have a place like that in my yard that is private, where I can wander out in my jammies in the morning and enjoy a cup of coffee, or sit and watch the birds. Actually I do that anyway on my back porch, but it would be nice if the neighbors couldn't see me doing it!
    Happy REDnesday!

  5. What a charming spot to pass the time, day dreaming or catching up or regrouping! I love the Japanese Maple, so lovely.

    Happy Rednesday,

  6. What a beautiful spot. I see you have a wish list of outdoor rooms too;)

  7. What a pretty place to sit and relax. I love red in the yard! Hugs, Patti

  8. What a pretty little area, it looks so relaxing. It would be great except that when I sit still in a place like that I always see something that I want to photograph so I would be jumping up and down all the time.

  9. @RNSANEI have several bonsai too but right now no maple tree. I love the queen crimson.

  10. @MumsyYes, it's cute Mumsy, but would like it more if I get to use it. Smiles.

  11. oh i am so jealous. i want a sitting area like that. it will surely look great under the lone crab apple tree in the middle of the field in our backyard.


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