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Blueberry on Blue Shaved Ice

Blueberry on Blue Shaved IceI am trying to squeezed in whatever is left of summer by reminding you of one of our favorite tasty summery treats. Trinity convinced me to make some shaved ice, okay, maybe vice-verse, I convinced her. We had a very hot day a couple of weeks ago and I really wanted to give her something to cool off with some fruits. So, it was the perfect opportunity for me use our ice shaving machine and throw on some blueberries.

The kids love ice-cream, and they like sharing with mommy too, but ice-cream isn't so great for mommy. It takes so much effort for me to remove the belly fat on my tummy since I am too lazy to exercise. This is why I always try to convince them that having shaved ice is the better choice whenever possible. Shaved ice is a simple treat and the kids love making shaved ice. I am not sure which they like better, the process of making the shaved ice or the treat itself. It never fails as a treat for my kids, whenever I bring out the ice shaver machine, they are all over it.

Blueberry on Blue Shaved Ice Blueberry on Blue Shaved Ice

Ingredients: Crushed ice, Blue Icee Mix, Blueberries,
Tool: Ice Shaver Machine

Preparation: 1) If you're making one serving, it's 1 cup of crushed ice. I find if you start with regular ice it takes too long. 2) Pour it into the ice shaver machine and make sure you have another cup on the bottom to catch the shaved ice. Sometimes I forget, and end up with some on the bottom plate unused.
3) Use half of the tube of Blue Icee Mix, just pour in evenly on top. 4) T
op it off with blueberries. It takes five minutes to make, yummy and less than 80 calories per serving.

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  1. Hello dear,

    Thank you for your beautiful comments in my blog. I have been really busy lately and I just did not get a chance to visit your page. Thank you for reminding me though that I just have to relax and stop and just have fun by visiting your blog.

    I am looking at the picture above and it is mouth-watering. Can you send me some?


  2. @Jojosure jojo, just send me your favorite glass and I will fill it.

  3. This sounds so good and looks so fantastic. The color is gorgeous.

  4. I LOVE that color and so want some right now!

    And can you picture a red strawberry on that blue yummy?

  5. Looks yummy - I am a huge fan of blueberries and low-fat delicious treats!

  6. You know what I really loved about being in Norway while I was there?? The fact that I could walk down to the store a few blocks away in Drammen and just buy all these overly fresh blueberries and raspberries and strawberries and didn't even have to wash them! belissimaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

    Your drink looks good! But really really cold! hehehehe! We can make no such drinks when we were in Norway! It's so very cold! Even at the stroke of noontime, it's freezing! hehehehe! :D

  7. This looks so refreshing to have on a hot afternoon!

  8. Your recipes are always so clear, precise and easy to understand. Not to mention, delicious.
    Summer is all but gone now. I don't think I want to see icy treats any time soon. :-)

  9. This is so cool, literaly. The color is perfect.

  10. what a good idea for a refreshment. i will surely try this recipe. i just hope the weekends will warm up a bit so i can truly enjoy it.

  11. @JamericanSpice The blue on ice is so crisp and so cool looking.

  12. @Kala My family is a blueberry lover, we put them on everything.

  13. @CNot washing the blueberries is heaven. That is one of the things I hate to do -washing fruits that are tiny and so many of them. Smiles.

  14. @Mumsy yes, it's refreshing and looks like a glass of Halls menthol sometimes.

  15. @Anne Lyken-Garner Thanks Anne, this recipe is so easy, glad you were able to understand it well.

  16. @KaterinaLucky for CA, we have warm afternoons. We are still in the 70's degrees.

  17. looks so good, another treat to try.

  18. This treat looks so refreshing and is so easy to prepare. Perfect for a hot summer day.
    Thanks for sharing the recipe, I'll give it a try.


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