Big Lake Fishing

The article written by Michael Mason

Lake fishing rods and boatFishing in Big Lake is one of the best experiences that I have ever managed to embark upon. I simply go and set my Adt alarm system, pack everything I need for the trip, and set out. This makes me secure knowing that my belongings are safe and that nobody will break into my house while I am out. Having had this happen before, I am more wary then ever now and took the proper channels of protection.

Fishing is extremely popular in Alaska because of the countless waterways and bodies of water connecting to the oceans here. There are bounties of fish always in wait in certain areas, and some places don't even have fishing limit, so you can fish all day! This is great for people like me who both love fishing and also use it to keep food on the table. I love coming home and cooking up a huge fish that I caught for my family.

No matter where I go, there are always lots of fun places to fish at. I can go down the street to the creeks and streams and catch smaller fish if I feel like it, or head to the larger lakes like Big Lake and catch a ten pound fish that can feed my family for a day or two. This is why I love fishing so much.

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  1. I had wanted to try fishing but never had the chance. The only time I get to try was fishing prawn. Yeah, there is this place here, where they rear prawns and people were allowed to fish them. At the end, either you eat them or return them back to the pond. I tried that once and it just helped me to relax. Fishing isn't very common here and I hope to try it one day. :)

  2. I'm too active to fish. I tried it and it drove me CRAZY!!

  3. hhmmmm.... a camper AND a fisherwoman... ahoy! let us be pirates together, ma'am!

  4. fishing is not too popular from where i came from. when i came here hubby introduced me to fishing. i hate it. hahaha i hate the waiting game. and i hate it when he finally caught the fish... he will release it. but then, i love ice-fishing. i enjoy it so much but i don't really fish. i just love the idea of camping on frozen lakes... snowmobiling... grilling our meal... while hubby is playing the waiting game with the fish.


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