Udon and Lobster Balls

Udon and Lobster BallsUdon is popular as Japanese noodles. I remember them a certain way, when I was able to have them as a young kid. Still trying to duplicate the taste, but I haven't been able to so far. The photo on the left was taken without flash, and it looks as if it would taste somewhat like the way I remembered. The photos below were taken with flash, and look at the difference!

The boys love these noodles even as plain as they come in a pre-package, ready after five minutes in boiling water. But, I could never be happy with just what comes in the Udon package, and that is how this Udon and Lobster Balls come about.

Banh Canh Tom Hum Cha LuaIngredients:
1) The half moon slices are from a roll of Cha Lua. The English synonyms are Vietnamese ham or Vietnamese sausage. They are cooked and wrapped in banana leaves.
2) The lobster balls are made of crab paste and powder - they come in a package ready to be cooked as well.
3) Green onions or scallions,
4) Crushed red pepper paste.

Udon Noodles and SeafoodPreparation:
Use the Udon flavored package and empty into a pot with the appropriate amount of water as directed. Once water is boiling, drop in the Udon noodles and stir. Bring to a boil then immediately drop in the lobster balls, cook on boil for two minutes then turn to off and cover pot with lid. Spoon the noodles and the lobster balls into a bowl, garnish with Cha Lua and onions. Put some crushed red pepper paste if you're in for a little kick! It is a quick lunch food and can very satisfying.
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  1. It looks terrific and simple enough for me to try..Yummy..JoJo loves noodles..

  2. Looks delicious! My favorite too! Yummy!

  3. Dinner in an instant! Love them lobster balls. I normally would use the fish balls.

  4. oh, how i wish i can have some of your soup. looks so yummy!

  5. Set an extra plate and I'll bring the wine?

  6. I've never heard of lobster balls - how interesting!

  7. @Icy BC Yes, it's simple, and I love soup too!

  8. @rockoko Thanks Roco, maybe we can have some together one day.

  9. @EbieFor some reason, I haven't found fish balls that I like too much. But I do like the ones Krung Thai uses.

  10. @betchai soup is my soul food, so I do love it too.

  11. @the country cookNow aday, everything comes in balls, or frozen it seems.


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