"Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" My Pick for Best Animated Movie

Guest post written by Alex Kandle

My vote for best animated movie goes to "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" that I recently watched on satellite TV that I got after I looked into New York direct tv promotions. We have enjoyed "Ice Age" and "Ice Age 2" so naturally we had a pretty good idea that this 3rd installment would be a big hit with everyone. All of the main animal characters are back including Sid the Sloth and Manny the Mammoth. This time Manny and wife are happily getting ready to welcome Manny Jr. into the world. Their plans get a little sidetracked when the eternally curious Sid decides that it would be fun to check out 3 mysterious eggs. He becomes so attached that he decide to adopt the seemingly parent-less eggs.

This kicks the adventure into high gear because these are baby dinosaur eggs and Mama T Rex is not happy about Sid's interest in her offspring. Poor Sid gets kidnapped and he is held captive in a mysterious underground world which means that his friends have to go to his rescue. The animation is great and this new storyline is one that kids and adults will both enjoy. Be sure and stay alert so you can catch those jokes that are meant for older viewers because they add a lot to the fun of the movie.
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  1. Sounds like a fun flick. Amanda, thanks for posting the guest review.

  2. These are fun movies. The kids love them but adults can also have fun with the Ice Age movies.


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