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Fabulous Fun at Chuckee Cheese

It's non-stop fun for Trinity at Chuckee Cheese. The pictures came out distorted because she is a fast moving, non-stop kind of girl. I need an action camera in order to capture anything she does.

We always have fun at Chuckee Cheese with or without the coins, because there is so much to do. This year has been very busy and it's our goal to stay-cation. Miss Trinity doesn’t know what she is missing, and it doesn’t matter to her whether it’s the beach or Chuckee Cheese, as long as she can play.

The good thing is, the games and rides are always updated. I could see that they had just installed many new rides and machines. I am surprised how creative the game designers are, it never ceased to amaze me. It's nice to know she can grow into a place and not out of it so fast. There are some games she can enjoy even in a few years.
One warning if you’re thinking about bringing your kids or grand kids, don’t go on a Saturday, or Friday night, it is chaotic and way too busy. It is almost a different place with teenagers, and older kids. We went there once with a friend and boy, we turned around and walked right out, and glad we did.
It's a perfect place for when the weather is not so great. Speaking of weather, what is with the last couple of weeks? It's June and I can't even go outside with a tank top at 5:00pm because it is still chilly. I hope this just means that we will have longer warm weather. I am so ready for a few months of 80 degrees. I love hot weather.

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  1. Looks like you had loads of fun. It's great to take time out to enjoy yourself, no matter how busy you are.
    I remember going to Chuckee cheese when I was in the U.S.

  2. I agree, Chuckee Cheese does have things for the kids to play without costing too much money to be there! Miss T is getting so big, and so pretty!

  3. This sure brings back memories. The last day of school my hubby and I would take our three children to chuckee....thanks for sharing...

  4. What cute pic's-looks like a fun day. I'd like to send you some of our 100 plus weather. I'll take cooler any day! Happy Reds!

  5. yeah, same here, it almost is july yet it seldom gets warm, i still wear a light sweater :(

  6. @Anne Lyken-GarnerTaking time and being relax when you're with your kids is important, because they can sense when you're tense...

  7. @Icy BCThanks Icy, Miss T sure is changing everyday. Wish you could see her now.

  8. @Angelathanks for stopping by Angela, it's great to see new visitors.

  9. @craftylesI will take that 100 degrees, it's ok because we have such cold water here, that the warmth is so wonderful.

  10. @betchaiSan Diego is worst as far as warmth, I don't think I have ever been there when it's warm.

  11. Ms T sure is having a lot of fun!

    And talking about warm or hot weather, we are experiencing that for the past two weeks. I am really for the cold weather.

    I hope the weather cools down.

  12. Great action photos! My 13-yr-old is always on the move, too (still)!

  13. I understand trying to take photos of moving targets - not easy. :-)

    My children and grands love Chuckees. I've never been, but it looks like lots of fun!


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