Bring Me Luck Koi Fish

The Koi Fish Ponds are not just for displays. Many parks, businesses, and home owners have them, do you know why? The Asians think Koi fish brings good luck. Only recently that I truly understood the whole idea, and now I would like to have some good luck for myself!

Do you think blogging about them is enough to bring me some luck? :-) I know a friend that has a Koi fish pond in her yard. It is a little different in that she also has turtles too. The pond is located in the corner of her backyard for best Feng Shui, but also because her kids like to set-up their Camping tents next to it. They love to play pretend camping since the pond lights up at night.

She obviously believes the Koi fish, the water fountain, and the turtles bring good luck, not to mention Mr. Happy Budha statue. The fish survives outdoor even in the winter, and very easy to care for. They are resilient and has the ability to survive in freezing weather, so being outside in California is easy peasy for them. The problem is that there is a big bird that lives in the area, and occasionally birdie would swoop down to have a feast, or buffet.

The image of a birdie feasting away on these poor helpless fish is so sad! I asked what she did to prevent birdie from the being an uninvited guest in the yard? She said she just chased it out.
I thought perhaps she could put a net on top of the pond, but she said it takes a way from the look, and the whole idea of having the Koi fish pond. I know that Koi fish can grow to 1-2 feet long, so I wondered if birdie would be able to feast on them anymore if they grow to be that size? A cool thing about the Koi fish is that they can actually be hand fed if they are comfortable enough with their environment and the care giver. For all that these fish give, no wonder why they are so popular as displays.
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  1. Nice shots. It's not easy to shoot through water. :)

  2. i love koi fish..i hv a large wall picture of koi fishes n also a glass wall with images of koi fishes..

  3. Beautiful photos of the Koi pond, the Koi look so colourful. I had quite a few large ones in my pond, but they were eaten by a heron.

  4. oh, that's a lot of koi fish, hopefully, a lot of good luck, for you, and for all of us :)

  5. @betchaiYes! That is the spirit. Would be nice to have the kind of luck the ancestors believed in.

  6. @AnnOh my! That is terrible. I think Koi fish is just the most enticing food for birdies!

  7. Nice photos of the koi. I would love to have a koi pond but that is one of my worries... that the egrets and herons would think I created a free buffet for them.

  8. I love watching koi fish..It's so relaxing to be by the water fountain.

  9. Pretty pictures and I hope they bring you luck. :-)


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