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Another Mommy Push

A moment in the park with Trinity, my girlfriend Sue and her daughter Anna where time stood still. The second image is of Trinity reaching out for mommy to give her a push. Although her shadow is small right now, it wouldn’t be too long before I will be seeing her off to college. That would be when we'll find out whether all the pushing and the encouragement throughout the years payoff, or it will be a push of the past.

Speaking of push and college. My girlfriend Sue in the picture was talking about how she would like do something meaningful for herself. She is very business savvy but always thought she needed a good foundation, or the credentials to back-up her experiences. She wanted to pursuit a degree in business and said she is considering the University of Redlands, as they have one of the top business schools. She has been researching about different universities and found that there are 40 plus majors and programs to choose from at Inland Empire college . She will be in good hands as the ratio of students to teachers is 17:1 that is considered pretty low. Plus, in the past two years the school has produced six Fulbright Scholars, now that is amazing output for any school.

The fear for many students when they graduate is not being able to find a job, or not being able to get the salary they desire. After all many of us that have gone to school have spent the money and time in hoping that our higher education will bring lucrative results. According to payscale.com, Redlands graduates' (15+ years) earning potential ranked in the top 30 nationally.
So with all the information Sue has gathered about the California business school what is stopping her from going after her mission? Nothing, she already has her plans laid out, and ready to present it to her husband, the president of the house.

In this last image I could almost see the expression of joy, smiles on Trinity's face while she swings.

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  1. Very creative photos.
    Love it!

  2. Delightful shadow shots, I enjoyed all of them!

  3. Fun shadow shot series! Great shots! Never too late for school. It's all way good for back-up!

  4. Your post, and photos are wonderful.

  5. Love your shadow shots and inspiring words. I wish your friend well.

  6. Fun shadown shots! As for education, I am so grateful, I was an R.N. for the past 45 years. Up until my job loss in San Francisco's budget cuts 15 months ago, I also had a good job, well paying, for all those years. Life is changing now, though, and the future is different for youngsters today.

  7. These are such happy little shadows! I really like the name Trinity btw!

    Have yourself a great week :)

  8. Ah, a sunny playground is a super place to capture shadows!

  9. Amanda, thanks for your gracious comments. You made me smile...I have a new blog and the WP template does not accept one word comment. Heehehehe.

    Now to the more meaningful comment, I really love the shadow shots here. And the bonding with you and Trinity is so precious.

  10. Great photos. Your friend's husband is the president of the house? Doesn't she know it's the wife that rules?

  11. I hope Sue is able to go for it! I love your shadow shots!

  12. Great shadow shots Amanda and a very thought provoking post. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Always enjoy visiting here.


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