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Self Sagacity California Roll-ing

California Rolls are among the top popular foods in the world, why, even I know about it, being as sheltered as I am. Sometimes you will see California Rolls made with seaweed paper like mine here, and other times you will see the entire roll covered with rice on the outer.

The main ingredients used aside from salt and pepper are imitation crab meat, English cucumber, seaweed wrappers, bamboo roller, eggs cooked and cut in long lengths, wasabi powder, ginger powder, and rice vinegar.

My shortcut process is to 1) season the cooked rice first with wasabi powder and ginger powder, salt, pepper, and rice vinegar, 2) scoop rice onto the seaweed paper and fill with crab meat, cucumber and eggs, 3) start rolling with the bamboo mat while squeezing the roll tightly, 4) wet the end of the seaweed paper with water to seal the roll 5) cut into one inch rounds

Filing: To make the filing just use the inside of the imitation crab meat and onions. Use the food processor on chop.

Okay, so it's not your hardcore sushi of raw tuna or salmon, but it's one of a kind. My mother always asked that I make "sushi" whenever we have family gatherings and it's the SS California Rolls she was referring to. With many intentions of making them, I would pick-up a package of seaweed sheet every time I am at the store, and then that would be the last glance at it since I left the grocery store. I couldn't get to it for the simple reason that it takes a lot of time and work to make them.
Last week I looked in my cabinet and saw a pile of seaweed packages and realized that I had too many intentions of making "sushi" and never had the opportunity. I must at least handle them once this month, so this week, I am bringing you my homemade California Rolls.

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  1. These sound scrumptious. Thanks for taking the time to share them with us.

  2. I love California Rolls but I prefer "inside out" or with the rice on the outside. I've never made them but I like your shortcut recipe, maybe I will give it a try.

  3. That sushi looks scrumtous. drooling again.

  4. Yummy looking! Only Thai likes sushi in our house..

  5. Almost like the Japanese sushi,just Cali version. :)

  6. Looks like a fun recipe. I like your photos, but they do make me hungry. :)

  7. I love sushi-yours sounds yummy!

  8. looks yummy...can't wait to try this CA rolls someday :-)!

  9. While I was reading the title post, I thought it was a traffic violation, you California "rolling" stop. I was wrong, hahaha!

    I agree that it takes a lot of time making them, and easily consumed fast!

    They are so delicious!

  10. California rolls are my favorite! but i haven't tried doing it myself yet. your rolls look delightful!

  11. Even doing the post takes time Judy! haha Squirrel Queen, I haven't tried the all rice without wrapper yet. But I got to keep using the wrapper because I have a lot of it! LOL
    Icy- you guys are so diverse for a little family :-)
    Thanks all for your visits, these Cali Rolls are so delicious since the rice is seasoned prior to wrapping.

  12. i love sushi and i always wish i can make a simple version of sushi at home. my daughter loves the seaweed too and we sometimes just eat them with rice.

    come by for some buko salad and serve urself. :-)

    happy weekend!

  13. Love to know how you make your simple version sushi Arlene, do share@

  14. i totally can relate with you the many intentions of wanting to make it but never have the opportunity to make it, same here..love your shortcut sushi! ~adeliana-thecupcakegoddess~


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