Pump It Up

On occasions the parents get to have some fun too. Miss T was invited to a Birthday Party at Pump It Up, a kids' party place last weekend. All the fun slides and climbing obstacles are made out of jumping house material and they are huge! This seemed to be the in thing for kids' Birthday parties now a day, since we are invited to another "Pump It Up" Birthday celebration this coming week.
We thought about having Miss T's Birthday party here in July, so if we are not invited to another party at Pump It Up, we won't get to go sliding again for a while. Yippee!

I am excited to show how I learned puzzle making from Ebie. Thanks Ebie for sharing, if you don't already know Ebie, visit her wonderful blog at The Main Ingredients. I tried a couple of the pictures below. It is so much fun to see them in pieces.

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  1. Very well done! what makes the puzzle stand out is the colors!

    I am sure the kids have the greatest fun at the party.

    P.S. I am still awake this late because I slept all day today after that long trip.

  2. I like the puzzle, very colorful, It's really fun going to kids party lots of games to play.

    I'm going to follow you, pls follow me too. ty

  3. Very colorful puzzle!
    Happy Easter..Luna

  4. What a colorful place, and your puzzles are wonderful to see.

  5. Looks like a lot of fun!..Christine

  6. OH!! I do miss getting to go to the kid's parties at those fun places!! maybe with my future grandchildren....

  7. All great yellows. Yellow definitely makes the party rock. Interesting puzzles...thanks for the link.

  8. Who has more fun at a child's party - the children or the adults?

    Beautiful post. Take care & God bless!

  9. That looks like a fun place for a kids party, I'll bet they did have a great time. I love the puzzle photos.

  10. Love the puzzle pieces. I have had such a great time looking through your travel posts. I'll be following along and can't wait to learn more about you.


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