Pink Blossoms on Nectarine Tree

Spring, Spring, Spring! Beautiful blossoms everywhere, including on my nectarine tree! Do you know about the nutritious benefits of nectarines? Check the Nutrition Facts below, loads of fibers, only 70 calories, vitamin A and C, and no cholesterol! So being a seafood lover, I try to eat a lot of nectarines to balance out my diet.

Nutrition Facts: 1 cup of pureed nectarine, or 3 med nectarines:
Calories 70, Calories from fat 10g
2% Total Fat 1g
0% Saturated Fat 0g
0% Cholesterol 0mg
5% Total Carbohydrate 16g
12% Dietary Fibers 3g
Sugars 12g
Protein 1g
20% Vitamin A
10% Vitamin C

This nectarine tree isn't a dwarf, but still stands about five feet tall. The tree produced so many nectarines year after year, so many that the weight would break off the branches. I tied supports to the branches, but all to fail the heavy weight of the fruits of this little tree. With this many blossoms there will be plenty of nectarines this year! Fruitful nectarine tree, you're so good to us.


  1. Happy Pink Saturday!
    How gorgeous!

  2. Your blossoming, young nectarine tree is quite a jewel in your yard.
    So this is how it looks like. We have nectarines only from the supermarket but I see, even the blossoms are much like plum blossoms. Beautiful spring pictures.

  3. I have almond blossom in my yard! I just love the scent! A feast for the senses and the soul! :)

    Happy Ps my darling!


  4. Gorgeous flowers! I didn't know nectarine has such beautiful flowers!

  5. Those blooms are beautiful and you did a great job with the photography. We bought some trees a few years ago that the nursery man told us were nectarine trees, but they turned out to really be peach trees. Bummer! But, they are beginning to a bloom a little and they are pretty.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  6. Gorgeous flowers, wonderful info, and just a happy post!

  7. Oh how I would love to grow one of these trees - it would never keep my family fed on nectarines though as they are a favourite fruit in this house. I've always wondered what the taste is like fresh from a tree rather than being imported over thousands of miles.

    Your tree looks as if it will have a great crop this year as its laden with bloom.

  8. ok. i had no idea nectarine trees had pink blossoms. that's beautiful!

    happy sits saturday sharefest!

  9. beautiful blossoms, did not know nectarine has such beautiful flower. love it. my lilies are all blooming too and coming out from their hibernation.

  10. Beautiful photos, and necrarine is my favorit in the summer.
    Can´t wait;-)

  11. I don't have an almond tree, Bird, but would love to know how it smells!
    Maia, Icy, W, and Betchai -Yes, the first year I planted it , I did not know the tree will blossom like this either - I am very happy it's so pretty!
    Sherry- I know exactly what you mean about the nursery guys pointing you to the wrong tree! That happened to me before, and boy it's a bummer for sure.
    Rosie, Nectarine fresh from the tree is to die for! It's crisp, sweet and so light in texture!
    Petit Eyekiss- yes, look at all those nectarines we will have! :-)

  12. These are so pretty and I love nectarines.

  13. i probably would be outside all the time staring at it sandy

  14. This is great information and beautiful flowers. Thanks for sharing and have a great week.

  15. Lovely pink flowers and a perfect post for a perfect day. Happy Spring!

  16. They are amazing trees. They bear fruit so soon now. I know what you mean about picking off the fruit. I am never sure if I am picking the 'right' one.

  17. I absolutely love fruit blossoms! I have photographed a few this spring but haven't seen the nectarines. Now I must go find one! Thanks for sharing.

  18. I love how you are able to go out into your hard and pick something which you can then make into something edible! And healthy, as a matter of fact!

    I love that.

    When I was a child, we used to have chestnuts and oranges growing in our back yard! I loved it! :) :)

  19. I love the first one, beautiful close up and beautiful colours.

  20. Wow, gorgeous blooms. I love nectarines but I've never seen the tree before.


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