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A Boar Among Us

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  1. Very sweet! I would love to have one of those if it doesn't get much bigger than that.

  2. Not every day we see a wild boar among us....I guess they're quite the scavengers!

  3. Diane - No kiddin? I heard they could be very loving.
    Ron - this boar is very special...it has an owner.
    Wenn - the boar lives with its owner = the lady in the picture.

  4. Beautiful,lovely and fantastic shots !! Great post !!

  5. I don't think I can handle having a boar..so I will just look!

  6. He is pretty cute and a little chunky ;) Was he in a park or just in your neighborhood?

  7. They have pet pigs. They make intelligent pets, but we are not allowed them within the city limits.

    I thought the first picture was of a large rock and a rose. :-)

  8. I love swine. They are so smart. Not that I would want one for a pet of my own but they are really interesting critters.

  9. So cute.
    Happy Outdoor and a lovely springtime.

  10. How cute! Great shots. I met a woman walking her boar just like other people walk their dog. Of course, being the animal person I am, I had to stop and chat with her. The boar's name was Tulip. I cracked up. She had a harness specially made for Tulip. Not often you see a boar walking down the street!



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