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Sunday Tet Flowers

Happy Lunar New Year! These flowers are the icons of Tet - which is what we call New Year in Vietnam. This time of year is the most festive and friendly moments of the whole year. I am happy to see some of the tradition reoccurring in the US today, especially around areas where there are a lot of Vietnamese. Just like anything though, if it's good, people know about it and guess what happens? Too crowed, too chaotic, and that leaves me out. As I age, I am not so much for crowds and traffic- I find other ways to enjoy from afar, like looking at the photos below. A symbolic of Tet and my feelings at the moment I saw them. Have a wonderful day!

Thank you and have a wonderful Lunar New Year!
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  1. Those are beautiful!! Nice color there.

  2. Gorgeous flowers, so vibrant in colors and blooms!

  3. Stunning pictures and flowers!!
    Thank you for sharing,

  4. Amanda: A beautiful and powerful remembrance with this flower.

  5. Happy New Year, and Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Very beautiful flowers, have a great New Year and Valentines day!

  7. Happy New Years and Valentine's day. Those flowers look so perfect.

  8. Amanda,

    All you do is use Random.org to select the random numbers for you! :)

    I had 168 entries so you type 1 to 168 and press the button! That's how it's done!

    Hope this helps..

  9. Breathtakingly gorgeous!!
    Have a great week!

  10. Stunning flowers, perfect for New Years, have a happy one!

  11. These are simply lovely. I've seen them before but did not know their names. Have a wonderful New Year with many blessings and happiness.

  12. Are you Chinese?? I am 1/2 Chinese!!

    Happy New Year! I wish you much good fortune, the best of good luck, perfect health, prosperity, to you and your loved ones!


  13. What a great resource!

  14. Charity, I am Vietnamese though we share the same New Year. And thank you for your wishes! I devoured those wishes as if it's raining on me already. Thank you everyone and Anonymous for leaving a nice comment for me.

  15. Happy New Year - beautiful pictures and flowers, Amanda. I'm with you, I never have liked crowds, even in my youth. As a young student nurse in New Orleans, I only went to Mardi Gras once...choosing, instead, to work the others. Nothing scares me more than a drunken crowd!!


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