Powerful Pink Pansy

The Pink Pansy is refreshing and beautiful, though Pansies are not known for the color pink. They are very stunning in person as their pink shade is so vibrant. I had a Pansies post earlier this week regarding how to Encourage Pansies Blooms and Re-blooms, if you are interested.

Since 2004 I became a survivor in the garden while before I couldn't even keep an Ivy plant alive. Gardening is Cheap Therapy for me and I really believe I am a much better person when I make time to spend with my flowers and plants.

The Pink Pansy is a flower that survives much heat as well as harshness. One thing that came to mind was how perfectly fitting it is to compare to a strong and beautiful woman. But then again, I have not met a handful of women yet who don't think they are beautiful - hence they are all strong-will and this is a sign of their confidence. Whether they are truly beautiful physically or not, at the least their beauty is projected through their enormous self esteem.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, you are always beautiful to someone close to you, whether it is your family or friends. So when you have those moments that you feel a little less than perfect, take a look at these beautiful Pink Pansies and regain your woman power.

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  1. Such a delightful pink pansy.
    Great close ups.
    Happy Pinks Saturday!

  2. What a beautiful pink!! Happy PiNk to you..May your day be filled with lots of PiNk bliss.

    ♥ Love & Faerie Dust ♥

  3. Gorgeous pink pansies! This color is so vibrant and cheer me up on a gloomy day here..

  4. What beautiful pink- I love pansies!

    Happy PS!

    Maggie Mae
    "Do these shoes match this purse?"

  5. Those beautiful flowers are making me cry for spring!
    Happy pink saturday!

  6. So pretty! I don't think I ever seen a pink pansy before!

  7. Those pansies really are Pretty In Pink!

  8. I LOVE your pink today.. that flower is STUNNING!!!
    and YES... dont blink .. they will grow up that fast... at least she still wants to be my little girl! I am not ready for the TEEN years! LOL!! (I have one already.. not fair! HA!)
    Have a WONDERFUL weekend! THANKS for stopping by today!!
    Happy PINK Saturday!

  9. Oh I do love pansies. When the icebergs around our house go away, I shall go to the garden center and buy some pink pansies! Happy Pink!

  10. Hi Sweetie!

    Happy PS!!

    I've added an "About" section to the blog, just so you know ;)


  11. A pink pansy!! I am amazed. I have never seen them. I have a friend here in our small town of Homer Alaska who grows flowers and orders them from suppliers as well for our summer planting. I will certainly show her this pink pansey and see if she can order some. Thanks for visiting me over in Retired in Alaska. I'm following you.

  12. What a beautiful pink post. that pannsy colour is fantastic

  13. I have never seen a pink pansy! It is beautiful! I'm gonna have to look for some for my garden.

    Sherry @ A Happy Valentine

  14. So unusual. My husband loves pansies, and often goes to garden centres here in the UK - and says he's never seen one this colour.

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  15. Those are the most unusual pansies I've seen. The color is so striking. This is the first time I've seen this variety. Your comments about strength and beauty were encouraging. Thank you for sharing a bit of yourself. Have a lovely week. Terri

  16. oh, so beautiful pink, thanks for brightening my day

  17. Such a pretty pink only ever seen in Nature.
    A lovely post

  18. The pink with the yellow is so stunning! It reminds me of a bikini I had many pounds and moons ago! lol

  19. Within the mosaic, your photos make quite a statement!! Very, very nice.

  20. I have never seen a solid pink pansey how delightful that you posted and shared yours! Such a girl shade..I shall search for them in Spring!

  21. Really nice pictures and lovely flowers.
    Hope you don't mind, but I have to disagree, the flowers are not pansies but very beautiful primroses.
    - Gisela.

  22. Beautiful - Pansies are my favorite flowers - Happy late Pink Saturday!

  23. The yellow in the center of the flower makes it look especially cheerful. Beautiful mosaic!

  24. I love all the detail you have shown! These are such cheerful little blossoms!

  25. Bravo Gisela! I didn't think anyone was going to speak up. These pink flowers are indeed Primeroses. I gave a lot of clues in this post and I think a lot of you had wondered but was either being polite or wasn't positive...;-)
    1) my first comment about Pansies not being known for pink shade.
    2) my link to the previous post of Pansies so that you can compare.
    3) if you look at my mosaic, you would be able to see the green stalks, and that to me is the giveaway.
    Thanks so much everyone for stopping by, I enjoyed reading your comments and getting to know you.

  26. I am still making HPS rounds,probably will take till next Saturday! Happy Belated Pink Saturday!
    PS I am having a blog giveaway!

  27. Pretty pictures of a pretty flower... :)


  28. What a vibrant colour! Wonderful. All tied up nicely with a beautiful mosaic at the end.
    It's the perfect colour to boost and demonstrate strong will and a healthy self-esteem.

  29. A very interesting post and beautiful photos. Love the close-ups, so much detail on the pansies. Very enjoyable! Thanks for sharing them.

  30. What a sweet but powerful article.


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