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Tune into Direct TV

It isn’t like me to sit down in the middle of the day and watch TV. At times, I would try to catch 20/20, or American Idol, but that’s the extend of me catering to TV shows. My nephew has Direct Satelitte TV and he loves it. As for me, I needed a recorder as well, because I could never watch TV when the show is running. Wouldn’t it be so nice if I was able to watch my shows when I want?

I know from experience that cable is expensive and that is why I don’t currently have a subscription. I looked into getting Direct TV because they have a great promotion on the web right now. I chose the starter package that included a bonus of $100 prepaid visa card. At least, DirectTV are working hard to earn my business!

My New Year is starting out great. I have my TV set-up, now all I have to do is program my favorite shows that I could never catch and let the recorder do the rest. The picture quality is amazingly better. It’s like watching a blue ray versus a regular dvds. Needless to say the family has a new activity now, and it’s programming our favorite shows.
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  1. I don't watch much TV, except for an hour or so before bedtime..Good to know!

  2. We currently use cable for bothe tv and internet. It's costly! I have to check this out. 2010 should be a year to trim expenses. Thanks for the posting!

  3. @PreciousKDoanThank for stopping by. Its always great to know I am providing you some info.

  4. @Icy BCWow, at least you have the bed time hour. I get none/

  5. @rockokoIt is so expensive, and the worst thing is we don't have many choices.


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