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Sepia Scenes: A Lot of Leaves and Buds

What would I do if I had nothing to do? I can't even imagine that day. They said when your kids get older you'll have plenty of time. Well, it seemed that as they get older, you're not lack of things to do, you're just taking on more from different areas of your life. Do you ever feel like you don't have much to do?

Tell me something that is surprising, most people I know always complain about how busy they are. How they don't have time for this and that. To this point, we are using the internet, and ohmigosh, let me see...FaceBook, Twitter, Messenger, Blogger, etc.. No wonder we don't have time. We’re too busy answering comments, our cell phones, watching our favorite show: American Idol, but you know, that is how we know we are still alive and breathing and reaching out to people. So much for a dull boring life I so hope for...or not. :-)

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  1. These pictures are nothing short of proffessional! Very attractive.

  2. Your sepia photos are exquisite. Those leaves on the branches look so delicate.

  3. These are gorgeous photos! It must be nice to see flower/tree in blooms.

  4. I'm returning your visit. I really have not felt good the past week and so go to doctor tomorrow.

    Do like your picttures. Yesterday I meant to commenton the hail you had . It is fun to watch from inside. Such delicat littel pieces but they do get much bigger up this way. and can do some real damage. If I have to have hail I want the kind you got.

    Sorry for been tardy.. Take care Elaine

  5. Purvail, I hope you will get better soon. Agreed, as little as the hail is they can do some damage. Take it easy.

  6. Oh, these look great in sepia! I love the curvy branches in the first one and the straight vertical branches in the second.

  7. Two well done photos. The first is by far the best and your sepia toning is just right.

  8. you are so right, we all are busy, facebooking, and blogging :) teeheee. though i only blog most of the time on weekends since that is when i have more free time, and i am busy also hiking :)

    love love your pictures!

  9. Beautiful photos, the sepia is the perfect shade. I really like the soft shapes and the lighting in the first photo.


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