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What is Healing?

Anyone with children would understand self healing and emotional circles. There are times when you feel helpless in trying to do what is best, but even your best isn't bringing about great results. Looking at these bougainvillea images, I thought of how much they correlate to the different emotions I go through with one of my children.

"There are times when you left me speechless and helpless, and I feel so alone. Like this, I want to just give you up and fade away. There is nothing more I can do for you."

"There are times when I know even those thorns can be weaken by love and faith."

"There are times when your presence speaks tenderness. Encouraged by your efforts, I strive to find answers for us. With little signs of softness and comfort you gave me hope."

"There are times when you are flourishing, maturing, learning and the best that you can be. I am grateful and satisfy by your progress. I too will flourish and thrive along with you. And that day, everything is colorful and beautiful that's when I know I am healing."

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  1. Beautiful photos, and wonderful post!

  2. Bougainvillea is an intense plant with its tangles, spines and stunning beauty. It seems strong yet delicate. Interesting how it compares to relationships and life.

  3. How beautiful, and I don't mean just the photos. Anyone who is a parent would relate to these words.

  4. Some ask why roses have thorns; I say thank God that thorns have roses.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

  5. Very pretty! The bougainvillea is one of my favorite plants.

  6. Pretty red here and good words of wisdom too.
    Happy (late) RT! Thank you for peekig in on my new granddaughter and Santa.

  7. @Diane AZDon't mind me, I am strange when it comes to my plants. I viewed them all as having something to do with my family.

  8. @AnnieI might be a little over the top here, but at the moment, I really felt it. smiles.

  9. @SmilingSallyNo kidding, other wise how can they protect themselves. The thorns are for protection.

  10. @eileeninmdAnd mine too, I do love them so, if only they would blossom this year!

  11. @JimI am not able to see the reds this year. So disappointed.


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