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It has been a great journey since the start of this blog, and yet it is time to grow and bring to our readers with different flavors and take on life. I have started this page to record and recognize the fabulous contributions from our Sagacious writers. Feel free to leave comments and give them props as you wish.

Meet Self Sagacity Writers

*Amanda SS: Do it all. Always want to be good. Happy and healthy.

*IcyCucky: A surviving warrior and lover of nature. My life is a happy book or a horror book. It’s how you read into it. My inspiration is to be entertaining with my writing and you can find more of me at Beyond Wandering.

*Poison Ivy: A dark side angel - a ghost writer on the good side but battling with the inner devil, always speak my mind. My darkness should enlighten you with some aspects that we often try to deny that we might have.

*Unbreakable Mind: Never ceased to persist on the goals and opportunities in life. At the same time, I believe most of us either grow and excel with the emotions we choose to adapt or dismiss. So with that I hope you will choose carefully.

Other Guest writers: Stud Muffin

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