5 Things to Complete Your Christmas Party

5 Things to Complete Your Christmas Party

If you're hosting a Christmas party, you won't want to leave out any of the essentials. Whether the event is for family and friends or your employees, it's all about creating meaningful memories. You already know that food and drink is a must, but what else is important? Unless your goal is to host the "worst" holiday party, like Rachel Vize, who shared her tips for the best way to throw an awful party with Real Simple, be sure to include these five things that are sure to make it one to remember, and in a good way.

Games and Activities

Prevent boredom by incorporating a game or activities into your plans. You might simply provide classic board games on tables strategically scattered where party-goers will be or go all out by providing materials to make gingerbread houses, challenging guests to a decorating competition. If your group tends to be crafty, you could even incorporate ornament making. Ask your guests to bring their favorite materials to share and set up a craft table with various supplies and tools like hot glue buns, bows, ribbons, and glitter.


You don't have to go all out by hiring a band, but you'll definitely want to have at least some background music. You might create a Spotify playlist that's ready to go as soon as it starts - for vintage elegance, think Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Sinatra, or choose holiday albums recorded by your favorite contemporary artists. Putting on a Holiday Radio station is another option for making the party more lively and upbeat. Or, make it especially memorable by booking Christmas carolers for hire


Odds are, you already have your home decorated for the holidays, but for a Christmas party, you'll really want to go all out, providing an ambiance that adds something extra special. A few ideas include adding mistletoe for extra greenery and romance, hanging paper snowflakes from the ceiling to give a room the feel of a winter wonderland, and lighting up lots of festive green and red candles, perhaps with the aromas of Christmas, like pine, cinnamon or gingerbread. Don't forget about your tabletop, you might use garland as a runner and attach holly leaves to napkin rings.

Christmas Movies

Having an extra source of entertainment is a great idea, and Christmas movies can provide the perfect option for guests who want a break from all the party chat and time to relax. Toss cozy blankets and some extra pillows onto the couch and put on the classics like "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," or "Santa Claus is Coming to Town."

A Slideshow That Recaps the Year or Highlights the Fun at Previous Christmas Parties

Putting together a slideshow of the year that includes your guests can be an ideal way to capture the heart of the season. You can even add text and music to make it more personal by using one of the many different slideshow makers available today. Another option is to create a slideshow using highlights from previous Christmas parties you've thrown. Either way, you can share it during the gift exchange (if that will be included) or while everyone is enjoying the main meal.