How to Make the Most of Germany’s Cuisine During Your Trip

When planning a trip to Germany, you’ll undoubtedly do research about numerous things ranging from historical sites to places to stay. Indeed, those things are important, but you can’t overlook figuring out the best ways to treat your taste buds to Germany’s culinary offerings.

Resist What’s Familiar

According to a study of people who venture away from home for business reasons, they’re more likely to eat at fast-food restaurants than explore opportunities that are unique to the cities or countries where they travel. That’s because they appreciate having a reliable option and ordering choices that are relatively cheap.

However, by taking that same approach during an upcoming trip to Germany, you could be sacrificing chances to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences that aren’t available when you’re at home. People often associate food with fond memories. And, you’re not very likely to have those by wandering into a fast-food restaurant in a foreign country and ordering your typical meal from the menu.

Become Familiar With Some of the Country’s Staples

Just like people in Ireland eat lots of potato dishes and servings of shepherd’s pie, Germany’s residents have several favorite items you’ll likely find on the menus at restaurants no matter where you travel in the country. It’s a good idea to learn about some of the basics of Germany’s most popular dishes before you arrive.

After doing some research, you might find you’d love to try currywurst. It’s a sausage dish where the meat gets topped with generous portions of condiments and curry powder. Then, you could focus your search on finding the best places to order currywurst in Germany and make sure to stop at some of those places during your travels.

Perhaps you’ve been to a few German-themed restaurants before. If so, think about the dishes that you particularly enjoyed, then make a note of those foods before you head to Germany. If you have German friends, ask them for recommendations on what you should order when it’s time to chow down.

Take Advantage of Specialty Resources

The availability of the internet and the vast amount of research it offers means you are only a few mouse clicks away from a wealth of resources that could help you hunt down the best places to get food in Germany. When possible, prioritize content that’s interactive and fun to use.

For example, you might find a free, user-friendly infographic of popular restaurants in Germany that shows some of the can’t-miss stops all around the country is particularly beneficial. Make your trip especially convenient by renting a budget-friendly vehicle from so that you can go on day-long jaunts to various places around Germany to see what kinds of foods are offered there instead of staying in only one or two German destinations for the majority of your time abroad.

Besides staying aware of these actionable tips, it’s necessary to have an open mind while trying new foods. Although you might find that some of the things you order don’t meet expectations, it’s probable that you’ll experience foods that are so delicious, they positively shape your time and Germany and your overall impressions of the country.