Budget Hiking Essentials You Must Know About

Guest Post

Hiking is a great way to spend time outside actively. You can enjoy the views and nature in a relaxing way instead of being exhausted like after a gym workout. It's also simply a pleasant pastime, but not everyone likes to do that alone, understandably. So, when I recently managed to convince my friend to go on a hiking trip with me, I was over the moon! I didn't expect there to be any problem, but then I got a panicked phone call from her saying that the only outdoor friendly clothing she owned was bikinis, cute little sundresses, a couple of pairs of shorts, beach sandals and her son's Sponge Bob backpack. I headed over to her house for some emergency pre-hike shopping and everything turned out just right. If you have the same problem, read on to learn more:

Find Coupons

First tip - look for discount coupons for absolutely everything that you can. Decent high-quality hiking and outdoor gear can be quite expensive so if you don’t take advantage of some special deal to help you cut the costs, well, a two-week cruise on a luxurious liner with all the bells and whistles might actually save you money. Kohl's has some pretty nice offers on those, so look into their special sales and coupons available at such sites as Discountrue to shop for less.

Clothing must be sturdy but light

You do not need an $80 hiking shirt, but neither is lightweight cotton a good idea. Use the clothing that you already have when possible, hit the thrift stores and search out bargain basement deals on great poly blends. Also, get at least two long sleeve shirts and long-legged pants, because you never know when the weather will turn chilly. When you're hiking, there is no air-conditioning that can be adjusted to keep you warm!

Decent hiking boots are VITAL

If you’re going to spend money on anything - then save it for your hiking boots. Your sneakers or trainers will work just as well, especially if they have soles with some grip. Woolen socks that are appropriate for the weather will keep your feet both warm and dry. However, a proper pair of waterproof hiking boots make bad weather just a little less uncomfortable. Sneakers require care when walking on slippery, loose or uneven surface, but hiking boots just carry you right over them with ease. Also, they have a more supportive sole and ankle support which you’ll be thankful for in the long run. Wear them in before you go on a long hike and make sure to choose a pair that fits you just right or it defeats the whole point of spending all that money!

And now my girlfriend is ready for her first ever hiking trip. Going from a complete zero to fully prepared lasted less than a couple of hours and it happened without breaking the bank! If you're planning to do some hiking as well, don't be afraid, it's easier than you'd think – just get ready and enjoy your trip!

image credit: satit_srihin from freedigitalphotos