Getting a Loan With Bad Credit

Traditional lenders often use intricate qualification systems and absolute thinking for their loan decisions. Such lenders look at an applicant’s credit score or credit report, and they automatically assume the worst about that person if the score is slow. Many applicants receive denials for loans after weeks of waiting for a response. Life throws many curve balls to consumers. Therefore, a hardworking individual can easily find himself or herself plagued with a poor credit score. Bad credit lenders emerged in the financial market to help give struggling consumers a second chance. Such lenders often issue short-term loans to their applicants without checking their credit reports.

Types of Bad Credit Loans

Many types of bad credit loans exist. The Nevada payday loan is one of the most popular types. Payday loans are short-term advances that the consumer borrows against an upcoming paycheck. Payday lenders look at the applicant’s debt repayment potential instead of reading a number on a credit report sheet. They make their decisions based on a person’s income, employment history and bank account status. Companies such as USA Cash Services can deposit money into an applicant’s bank account upon approval. Approval can take up to 24 hours, but generally, payday lenders can issue approvals within a few hours.

Another type of bad credit loan is a title loan. A title loan differs from a payday loan because the loan amount comes from the value of the applicant’s vehicle. A person who owns a new vehicle would receive a hefty loan as compared to someone who has and old car that is not a collectible. Tile loans offer higher payouts than payday loan offer, but the vehicle owner has to face a minimal amount of risk. The lender will place a lien on the borrower’s vehicle until that person repays the advance.

Installment loans are another unique bad credit loan that a consumer can request. They are similar to payday loans in their requirements, but they differ in repayment structure. A person who receives an approval on an installment loan may have up to one year to repay the advance.

Bad credit loans can help a consumer immensely in between paychecks when emergencies occur. They can also provide a person with an opportunity to enjoy a vacation, car rental, shopping spree, or sporting event. Additionally, a bad credit loan can go toward a bail release, a wedding or a school education.


  1. It makes life so much easier when there are options for those who have bad credit. I don't have the greatest credit myself, which is never fun. I could use a loan for a business I want to start up soon, and it's been on my mind for quite a while now. Anyways, thank you for sharing and I will gladly try to get a loan very soon.


  2. Self SagacitySeptember 13, 2014 at 11:27 AM

    Most people with bad credit eventually straighten out, but before that happens, it takes a lot of effort to set things right. In the meantime, these types of loans and options are great ways to achieve better lifestyles.

  3. This is why I love this world so much. To be able to get a loan even when I'm in debt or have bad credit, could really be beneficial to me. I know, if I ever have to deal with bad credit, I know I will be getting one of these loans to hopefully get a head. I don't think I'd go with the bad credit loan simply because that's a big risk.

  4. There's always a way out of debt, or finding ways of paying for things when in debt. I've been there, I've had poor credit, thankfully I got through that point in life and recaptured my good credit. I'm very happy to see there are ways of helping those in need by giving them a loan, yes it may ruin their credit even more if they don't pay it back in time, but it could be very helpful to many people to have a loan even on bad credit.

  5. A title loan is something I did a few years back because I needed the money and my credit was horrible at the time. I just got a good job at the time, but wasn't going to get paid until later, which I needed the money sooner. Anyways, the title loan went fine, got the money, paid what I had to and went on with my life. I paid the loan off fairly fast and everything is good.

    It's just a major risk because if you can't pay it back, they could take your car at some point and that's never fun. Anyways, be safe.

  6. Thankfully I don't have bad credit, but I know some people who've been trying to get ahead recently and this could be something they need to try. Not sure if they'll be interested in getting a loan, but it's at least worth sharing with them just in case they need the money at the moment, and I'm pretty sure they do.

  7. Glad to know there's a way I can get some money in case I am in need. I know some people who've been struggling these past few months, so maybe it's time they give one of these loans a try. I wouldn't want them to suffer anymore when there's hope out there for a decent loan. I just hope they can pay it back, that is if they try any of these loans for bad credit.

  8. Great piece of information! I have a really bad credit score. I thought I would never take up a loan again. But recently I got a pretty good job and the nature of my job is such that I need to travel a lot. I'm thinking of getting a new car. I'm pretty sure that I can pay back regularly, but I was of the thought that with a poor credit score I wouldn't get a loan. It was then I read about bad credit loan in ( ) if I apply for a bad credit loan which one among the three would be a better option?


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