Buzz Light Year Astro Blast Disneyland

The photos below are of our family at one of the rides in Disneyland. It was definitively one of those rides that we didn't mind waiting in line for. The bad part is that it was extremely fast, and we were done just when we started getting good!

This is Dustin and Trinity in one spaceship. 

Trinity just loved this ride, and she rode with each one of us on each turn.

This is me and SO in one spaceship. 

It was a blast for me because my score was higher than SO's score. He wasn't that happy about that...haha

Do you notice Son #2 with two laser shooters? 

His score of course blasted ours out of this world. Even with one gun his score still put ours to shame. But that is one of MattLove's passion, games!


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