Do You Want to Ride an Elephant? Thursday Questions and Thoughts Link Your Posts With Us!

Kanchanaburi is a town in the west of Thailand and the capital of Kanchanaburi province. In 2006 it had a population of 31,327. Source Wikipedia.

These photos are sort of like staging, because to be able to ride an elephant alone one has to be able to control the elephant. Usually it is a person called Mahout. They  trained and practiced to dominate the elephant at some point. If the elephant does not conform, the Mahout doesn't get to ride him. That is pretty much the low down definition of how a Mahout comes about. For more technical definition, please visit Wikipedia on Mahout.

On a personal level regarding these photos. My sons might kill me over and over for posting them, but I don't know why we would bother taking photos if I can't share them with people. :-)


On a blogging level. Cathy Kennedy @ Curious as a Cat has been graciously holding up the fort for Thursday Questions and Thoughts. And by the way, we've combined our memes to try and keep the theme / hop going while I went on the adventure of Corporate World. I am lucky to have such opportunities and my SO is so supportive of my ventures that he deserves a star for putting up with my ventures. Why, even Trinity gets a treat every week for putting up with our crazy schedules. She thinks it's fabulous that she gets to stay in extended care with her friends, and get a gift every week, so no pain for her! 

Please link-up and have fun with us. I dare you to.

So my question for this week: Do you want to ride an elephant? 


  1. Looked like they have fun riding the elephant!
    I probably wouldn't dare to do this..just too chicken :)

    1. yes, I think it would not be as comfortable for you. the ride was bumpy, so if you don't like the motion, riding the elephant could make you sick.

  2. Actually, I always thought it would be kinda neat to ride an elephant. However, I am sure it is about as pleasant of an experience as I had with riding a horse ~ giant flying swarming about my head. Ugh! Maybe, I can just pet one sometime....if I get the courage to get close enough that is. :)

  3. I'd love to try!! Am sure am gonna be screaming and fidgeting though all the while hahaha... hmmm your sons remind me of mine. They always beg me not to post their photos. Like you I say what are photos for if not shared? :) Happy weekend! :)

  4. I did ride an elephant when I was about 12. Our class went on a field trip to the circus and they let us ride. I remember sitting at the head of the elephant and getting my leg stuck behind its ear for the entire ride. Those ears are heavy! lol

  5. Elephants are too big for my taste but once I ride a donkey and it was great. My friends wanted to try some horse back riding but while they were having a great time I couldn't even get up on the horse. An animal was disturbed and I was clumsy, so I just gave up.


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