Thomas Meano and Wife Katherin Enjoy the Wedding in Switzerland

Thomas Meano and Kathrin ate at her relatives’ house. Frieda’s daughter Rebekka, who was the betrothed bride, and her fiance Thomas, who Mr. Meano thought had an excellent name, joined them as well. Together the group enjoyed a meal of fondue. The fondue consisted of fresh-cut fruit and cubed sourdough bread dipped into a warm bubbly mixture of melted cheeses.

Thomas and Kathrin thoroughly enjoyed the dinner and were glad to see Rebekka who would be married in two short days. After all, she was the reason for their trek across the world. Moreover, Kathrin and Thomas had not seen her since she was 12-years-old. Since that was eight long years ago, that meant the girl had changed quite a bit. Thankfully, Rebekka seemed happy and she and Thomas seemed very much in love and the best of friends as well.

Saturday, Thomas Meano and Kathrin traveled to the town of Brienz to attend the wedding of Rebekka and Thomas. The wedding, being the event that brought them from the states to Switzerland, had around it an air of anticipation. The wedding ceremony was held in a beautiful church, which the betrothed couple had attended for over three years, overlooking a majestic lake. The reception was impeccably decorated and an abundance of delectable foods and drinks were presented to all the wedding guests.

The reception area contained a beautiful picture window overlooking the resplendent lake. Interestingly enough, the lake being named after the town was also called Brienz. Family and friends gathered as they talked, laughed and enjoyed each others company all while partaking of the spread offered at the impeccable reception.


  1. Congratulations! That's a sweet story.

  2. The window overlooking the lake sounds wonderful.

  3. Must've been a great reunion and wedding.

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