What is the Best Glassware Brand? Thursday Two Questions Meme #127

I just spent an hour wiping and cleaning the coffee stains with one of my favorite homemade cleaning formulas.
Before I got ready to post my Thursday Two Questions Meme, I went to make my favorite coffee drink (Cafe Sua Da) and grabbed something for lunch. Once I had my Cafe Sua Da on one hand and my homemade pretzel on the other, I started walking merrily to my computer. All of a sudden, my favorite drink fell, flowed out of the glass and onto my carpet! I was mortified.

How is this happening? What had I done?


I checked that the glass was in the upright position. Uh, yes it was. After a couple of minutes investigating, I realized the glass had a huge round hole at the bottom. Apparently the glass had failed on me. This could be one of those times when the glass couldn't handle the hot and cold temperatures. But, uh, I didn't use any hot water this time. And somehow the thick glass bottom gave up in a nice round shape too. ugh.

Now I have terrible coffee stains on my carpet to clean and no favorite coffee drink! It is ironic that I just wrote about cleaning my carpet. I guess this is a test to see how well it will clean up after the coffee stain.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #127
1) Have you had any glassware or dishware broke apart on you? or What is the Best Glassware Brand?
2) Is the cause from the glass not being able to handle the hot/ cold temperature or something else?

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  1. Amanda some glass is not meant for certain temperatures and will break. Even Pyrex which is meant to cook in will break if you have something boiling in it then touch it with something wet or cold. Mom placed a pie plate on the counter once and it was set and pie plate cracked across the bottom. We have always had the heavy Pyrex glass measuring cups & I boil tea or coffee water in them all the time, but do not sit them on anything wet or put anything cold in them.

  2. So sorry about your lost coffee and carpet. I hope you can get the stain out.

  3. Once my glass pot cover just cracked when I washed it under cold water while it was still hot. Now, I avoid washing glassware when it is still warm to the touch. Hope you can get the stain out of your carpet with ease!

  4. Oh no, sorry you had to clean up such a mess.
    Pyrex is the only brand of glassware that I can think of and I have a couple of mixing bowls of that brand. The only time I have had a glass break was when I put it in the freezer to chill a drink and forgot about it. The bottom cracked.

    Make sure the glass is dishwasher safe, if not it might weaken it.

  5. I'm learning that one should have coffee (in my case music) before anything wrong should happen.
    I probably would have stood there for a few minutes wondering what to do.

    Sorry that happened. Glad it wasn't hot.

    1. I can't remember. And I still have no idea what the best glassware brand is. I just want ones with strong base and colour.

    2. I feel it is a simple defect of testing. They do test them right? Maybe something was missed in regards that perfect hold in the bottom.
    Wish I knew.

    Happy Thursday :)

  6. Many times have I experience broken glassware, but usually it's because fall to the floor or it got dinged in the dish washing. I don't think I have ever had any glassware to break on its on without justification. Honestly, I don't know of any glassware that can hold to hitting the floor, being dinged, or subject to hot/cold temp changes (other than Pyrex measuring cups - which seem to work great for this). I hope your stained carpet is an easy clean up. Thanks for hosting!

  7. Well, Amanda, I generally break glass by microwaving something not qualified for the MW, heating it on the stove when it is 'ovenware' only, or dropping it.

    Water and soap should clean the coffe stains up pretty good. Be selective on the type soap/cleaner you use.

    My two clumsy brothers-in-law have each dropped and broken one of my antique colored mugs that Mom had before she died. I have one more BIL but thank goodness he doesn't drink coffee.

    1. Mr. Linky lost me. I came back today and I was gone.
      There weren't a whole lot of people here when I came first.
      Did that ever happen before to anyone?

  8. Ugh, that's no fun! I hate cleaning my hardwood floors, but am so thankful for them when things like this happen!

  9. I think it happened to me once, using hot and then cold drink in a Coca Cola glass similar to yours..

    I hate scrubbing carpet..It is not a chore that I dreaded most!

  10. I can see that it is from a brand of softdrinks, maybe it is only to be used with cold. And it doesn't really look durable too. Good luck with the carpet!


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