Cappuccino or Latte with Tassimo Pro Brewer

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brewer straight on.jpg (2 documents, 2 total pages)How important is coffee to you in the mornings? Do you set the tone of the day by the taste of that first cup of coffee?

I know everyone in my office does. The first cup of coffee is also a routine that we all love. It is an opportunity to meet and greet each other before we plunge into our work day. It used to be the first five minutes in the break room that I dreaded most, since there was much complaining about the bad coffee.

Not anymore, thank goodness. About a month ago, our office decided to put an end to the complaints, and switched to the Tassimo Professional Brewer. We brought in different companies for coffee & brewer demos. It was clear that the Tassimo Pro brewer was everyone’s favorite. The one-touch activation creates specialty beverages in less than two minutes with simplicity.

I love my cappuccino whenever possible. Lately, I actually look forward to coming in the office to create my favorite first cup. I don’t feel like the odd one who prefers cappuccinos over regular coffee. With the new Tassimo Pro Brewer cappuccinos or latte don’t cost more, nor do they take more time to make.
Happy employees are more productive employees. If you want to do something nice for your employees sign-up for a Tassimo Professional free demo.  Your employees will love that they have choices, and everyone can choose the way they have their coffees without the fuzz or the mess.

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  1. i love freshly brewed coffee, however, because of time contraint, most of the time, I simply make instant coffee :)

  2. I have to have my first cup of coffee in the morning, and I know how that feels to get just the perfect cup to start off the day.

  3. Funny thing is I have actually been considering one of those - everyone I know that has it says it is great!!

  4. This is more compact than any other the others I've seen. What I'm looking for is one that makes just one cup of coffee. I've been looking all over the Internet, but haven't found it yet.

  5. A great cup of coffee is always a must for me in the morning.


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