Rhino Deck | Helping Build Safer Decks

Rhino Deck Helps You Build A Safer Deck

Whether you only go out onto your deck once in a while or throw weekly parties in your backyard, your new deck should be built to last. Rhino Deck knows how much a new deck can change the look of your yard, but stresses that safety is still the number one concern. Because of this, the installation guide on the website has step-by-step instructions to install an ICC-compliant backyard oasis.

Rhino Deck Takes A Look At Common Deck Problems

One of the foremost issues with decks is rot. Aside from the dull, grey, worn out look of a faded and unsealed deck, the problem runs deeper than that. Rhino Deck has seen many a deck with unsealed wood collapse due to rot, mildew, or general deterioration. Stairs are often also done improperly, says Rhino Deck, and hand railings cannot be skipped or lowered for any reason.

Rhino Deck Reminds Clients To Address Water Management

A deck is an additional structure that is, in all likelihood, attached to your home. Depending on the slope of your deck, you could accidentally be allowing considerable amounts of moisture into your home and foundation. Rhino Deck reminds clients that proper fasteners are required at all junctures, and that flashing should be properly installed to prevent erosion.

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  1. I had no place to put in a deck at my house, but this is a great information to know, just in case we move! Bookmarked!

  2. I have never heard of Rhino Deck, and what a great information to have for future preference!

  3. It sounds like they have a lot of good information. I love decks but our house is not built to accommodate one.


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