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We have all felt it at one point or another in our lives - whether it be waiting for a potential lover to return our messages, a wage-worker looking forward to their paycheck, a child sitting around for their parent to pick them up after school, or vague expectations. But to whom do we owe this feeling? We take precious time out of our lives to set ourselves up for, what is often times, disappointment.

My favorite quote, and the most applicable, is Shakespeare’s, “Expectation is the root of all heartache.” At first I merely agreed with it in passing; now, I truly believe that it is the source of all emotional pains. If I wasn’t expecting something exciting to happen to me today, would I be feeling ordinary? If I hadn’t expected my dad to ever be on time when I had gotten out of school, I wouldn’t be picking at the grass sadly while one-by-one all the other first-graders cheerfully zoomed off with their parents. Thankfully, getting lost isn't one of his excuses today. He owns a  gps handheld garmin. If I hadn’t been expecting a big paycheck, maybe I wouldn’t have needed it to pay off my credit card bill. But perhaps the most effective of them all: if I hadn’t been expecting him to return the feeling, maybe I wouldn’t feel let down, waiting around for him.

*About the author- Soul searching and self developing. Supposedly I now have a column on (under self wisdom) tab. My writing is mostly fictional examples, however the emotions are real. Look for my articles on Tuesdays and thanks for reading.

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  1. Amanda, Expectations can ruin lives and relationships. I've always felt that. However shedding expectations especially of others is very difficult to do. The world as a whole would be a much more peaceful place in which to live if we could all learn to shed those expectations.

  2. and i could't agree more, indeed, we are our own enemy most of the time for having too many expectations and ending up heaping frustrations :) though some situations necessitates expectations so that we set higher standards for ourselves in working for the better

  3. Wow, how true is this? That's a power quote and one worth sharing. I enjoyed reading today's post!

    Visiting from RTT! =D

  4. We can't help but to have expectations. It's a way of self-improvement if the party is willing to improve.

    Great thought on the subject, and I know how you must have fell when you're the only one left in the school yard waiting..

  5. While this is true to a certain point I have to disagree that all expectations are bad. The anticipation of a child on Christmas morning is one example.

    Also if we rely on others for our happiness we are bound to be disappointed.


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