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The Secret to Successful Adventures: Attitude (and a few key Backcountry Tools)

As adventure seekers know, backcountry tools can make or break the journey. Be sure to research the route and evaluate alternate trails. Brooks-Range map tools can help by making it easy to estimate distances and slope angles so you can come up with good estimates for travel times With proper planning adventure seekers can focus on running the trail. When faced with danger, having a plan will help you react with poise, not fear. Brooks-Range offers a variety of backcountry tools to enhance your quest, from ski straps for cinching gear to your pack to outdoor map tools and field organizers.

Outdoor Map Tools Assist Adventure Racers

Adventure racing is a great way to satisfy endorphin cravings while challenging your mind as well as your body. Changing up the traditional triathlon, this sport utilizes trails instead of paved roads, mountain biking rather than road cycling, and substitutes paddling for swimming. Brooks-Range's outdoor map tools and field organizers keep contestants on track during these races. Besides having the right tools it's important to prepare your body for this competition with proper training. For those competing as a team, train together so each individual understands the other's techniques.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful tool for everyone to use before an outing. They would make an adventure more enjoyable.

  2. They have some good looking equipment. The right tools are definitely important.

  3. Sounds like a useful tool. I would like to go somewhere... The next two weeks are a mandatory open to close 6 days a week. :-(


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