Zebu Love at First Sight - Triple Zero 9

Thoughts of a Zebu: Don't ask me why this lady is so fascinated with me. I gave her my best side and yet, she just won't quit with that camera.
Amanda: I am just so fascinated with your coat and color scheme... probably everything about you.

Thoughts of a Zebu: I am sure if you have to wear this shaggy rug everyday you wouldn't be saying that.
Amanda: I love the curly hair around your face. The textures are unbelievable.

Thoughts of a Zebu: Okay, I am starting to like this. What else do you like about me?
Amanda: I love your big horns, it is so incredibly curvy and perfect.

Thoughts of a Zebu: So do you think you can get me out of here?
Amanda: I love the number they stamped on you too - Triple Zero Nine. Something to remember for a great blog post.

Thoughts of a Zebu: Oh my gosh lady, are you for real?
Amanda: I just love everything about you. The color of your fur, the textures, they are so different all over your body. Your eyes look very sad, like there is a story to tell. Your horns look so proud and gorgeous...and I gotta go, really appreciate you posing for me.

That was a little conversation I had with Triple Zero 9 Zebu. I should have been more aggressive and ask about the hgh supplement reviews since I have been researching on this subject. I was not sure if it was the right subject for Triple Zero 9 Zebu, but from the looks, Triple Zero 9 is doing something right to have all those wonderful textures and the full body look. Smiles.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. LOL..I like your conversation you had..I'm not sure who is trying to "pick" up who though. :-)

  2. oh, i so love the conversation between you two, Zebu is awesome in his responses,the expressions in his eyes are deep.

  3. Haha. I think if Triple Zero Nine was human, I would be in a lot of trouble. I don't know why the creature fascinated me so. And Betchai, yes, and the look in its eyes, if only I could understand...

  4. FUN post and photos! Love the shots of Zebu.

  5. don't you wish you could really have a conversation with him/her?

  6. He is such a handsome devil. You will make you SO jealous!

  7. That was quite a conversation you had with Zebu, but then it looks like a very interesting creature. Those eyes are gorgeous.

  8. Where was this Zebu? At the zoo, wandering around the steets of San Jose? He/she is a beautiful animal and you are right, what a blend of different textures. I think, perhaps, he/she might be a little lonely and you were so sweet to spend some time in conversation with him/her...I guess it must be a he with those horns!


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