Banh Cuon Nhan Thit | Ground Pork Wrapped in Wet Rice Paper

Ground Pork Wrapped in Wet Rice Paper

One of our absolute favorite food. Thin layers of wet rice paper wrapped around the ground meat, marinated and sate with garlic, and black mushroom. The stuffing is almost the same as what goes into an egg roll, except the main ingredient is the ground pork. The dish is then served with steamed bean sprouts, fresh mint, cucumber, shrimp fritters and pork sausages.

Banh Cuon Nhan Thit is great for lunch as it is light. Tay Ho is a restaurant that specializes in making Banh Cuon and we are regulars. I always leave the restaurant still feeling hungry, because Miss Trinity loves the pork sausages and she will pick all of them off our plates. Yet, I can't ever finish two orders so we have to stick with one and just be lingering to come back again soon.

banh cuon nhan thit
The one thing that I love about eating Banh Cuon is that the fact that I don't feel guilty about having to go to the gym after wards. Some food once consumed I know I am in trouble. I am not a regular gym person, but have many friends that are. Some have told me about their post workout supplements and how it has help them achieve faster results. Muscle building is a lot easier with the right supplement, and getting rid of the post baby fat is what everyone wants.

Ground Pork Mix: Lean ground pork, Yellow Onion, Black Mushroom, Salt, Pepper.
For Wet Rice Paper: Use Banh Cuon Flour. Mix as directed. Spread a thin layer of flour on a medium heated pan and close the lid for 5 seconds. Flip the wet rice paper into a plate, scoop three table spoons of Ground Pork Mix and wrap-up the rice paper.
Garnish: Slice the pork sausages, fried and regular. Organize them in a fan like way. Put your vegetables on one side.
Sauce: Nuoc nam or mixed fish sauce, with thinly sliced carrots.

banh cuon nhan thit
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  1. You know how to make me so hungry all the time! I want some as it is lunch here, in Michigan..Yummy!

  2. ohhhhhhh, you know how to make this, too bad you live far from me, otherwise, I would be a frequent visitor :) I love everything here, I will try following your recipe. Oh so yummy! I love shrimp fritters too. I often get this whenever we eat in Vietnamese restaurant or sometimes I just buy to go!!! Yummy!!

    PS....thanks alot Amanda for your many comments in my new blog. Really appreciate it.

  3. Your shots of this dish makes me want to give it a try. It looks so yummy. My husband and I live on rice...yes, we are Virginians who eat rice on a daily basis...there are not many of us out there. This pork dish looks wonderful.

  4. That looks yummy... :)

    Dropping by from Welcome Wednesday blog hop. :)

    Following you now. Would love to have you follow back. :)


  5. Oh I am so hungry.Your dish is so good and your photo is so yummy!I am your newest follower.ihope you can come and check my blog.thanks

  6. This looks really, really yummy. I love food like this in tiny little bite-sized parcels and I would probably eat far too many of these.

    (Apologies if I commented twice, I think I accidentally clicked the back button the first time I tried to post).

  7. I have had this dish in a restaurant once and it was wonderful - It's so nice to have the recipe now! Thank you for sharing this with Let's Do Brunch. Hope you will come by tomorrow and link up again!


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