A Police Harassment Case in Orlando

police-uniformThis week, my friend forwarded me a story about a young man named DJ, who was harassed by two policemen while on his way to work. He was harassed, jerked around, and scared out of his mind. The police officers were looking for ways to frame the young man. They have guns and they have the power to drag you to jail if you defied. To read what happened to DJ click on this link: Police Harassment Orlando Police Tried to Frame Me.

Cops can be very intimidating. Some can twist your words and turn you into a villain. Sometimes, you don’t have time for their games and don’t want to go through jail time for speaking your mind, so you go along with them.

Furthermore, some officers misused their authorities. I think they become jaded and callous over time. Even though these are my excuses for their cocky behaviors, I believe with most professions, we can choose to let the negative side eat us up, or we can rise above it. In some instances when a policeman has gone abusive and beyond his role of protecting the public, he is due for retirement or a new career. It is unfair for innocent citizens to have to deal with cops with self-complexity and corruption issues.

I served on a jury once for a police harassment case of an innocent man excused of
disrespected and disobeyed a police officer. The reality was he didn't answer because he didn't speak English. At first it was just the usual routine check, car registration, and insurance papers from cheapestautoinsurance.net, but the routine procedure turned into a bad situation. The un-armed man was attacked and beaten by the officer who was challenged by a power trip.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a typical black is black and white is white kind of person. I have genuine respect for people who serve the public. The nature of police work is dangerous and there is a lot to be said for the hours some cops have to work. I don’t have anything against cops. One of my girlfriends' husband is a cop. I have a close friend and a brother in law that are cops. All these guys are normal, in the capacity that they have no hang-ups about their power or authority.

Like I said, there are cops that are just ready to get off the road and onto retirement. Did you get a chance to read about DJ’s story? What are your thoughts?

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  1. I hate police. I feel like they're always misusing their authority and looking for problems where problems don't exist. I've actually had a police officer try to hit on me while giving me a ticket. Not to mention, I've also lived in the parts of time where racially charged stop-and-frisks are mundane...

  2. This would be quiet impossible here in Belgium and if it would happen the citizen is always right except if he is a criminal. Police has nearly no authority here and nobody is afraid of them either. In fact they are usually very friendly and polite.

  3. I always try to show as much deference to the boys in blue as possible.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. For 21 years, I was a forensic nurse with the city and county of San Francisco, dealing with adult rape and child sexual abuse cases. I interfaced with hundreds of police officers, US Park Police, occasionally officers from neighboring counties,detectives and district attornies. For the most part, I found the police pretty decent in the way they dealt with clients in my care
    ( sometimes, our victims could be
    pretty belligerent and, often, they were sex industry workers but, regardless, NO ONE deserves to be raped. Occasionally, I would remind law enforcement of this. ).

    I've never had a personal altercation with the police though I've been stopped a couple of times - both times for having an expired registration. I didn't have a problem.

    I do realize, though, that it isn't that way with everyone and I certainly know there are police that abuse the power that badge gives them.

    I read, with sadness, the story of the poor guy in Orlando and, of course, we've all seen the scenarios of the BART police murder and other instances of police brutality.

  5. Yeah..they can break or make your day. Some policemen are nice, but some are not!

  6. In all professions you'll find the bad apple.
    I do agree with you that when they get to a certain point where they forgot what they took an oath to do, it's time for a new job or retirement.


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