Organizing Racks for Pots and Pans

In Thursday Two Questions Meme week #1 one of my questions was how do you organize your pots and pans at home? After that, I updated that I found some under the cabinet wire racks in Thursday Two Questions Meme week #8. Today I am circling back with an updated report that those wire racks worked well for organizing the lids, but not the pans. The problem with those under the cabinet wire racks is that they have a standard width which doesn't accommodate the different sizes of my pots and pans. I couldn't see just putting two pans on each rack and having to buy five more racks to accommodate the other ten pans. Not to mention, I don’t have the room to store that many racks. So the search continues quietly.

The other day, while I was helping my friend with her unique baby shower invitations, I saw her pots and pans hung up tastefully on the enclume pot racks. It got me thinking that perhaps I might like to hang some of my pots and pans on the wall too. But because she is not tall, I was curious to know how she would get the pots and pans down, especially the one enclume pot rack she has hanging above the kitchen sink. She said it is no secret and nothing magical, she just ask her 6’4 husband to get it or she has to get a step stool.

I thought oh boy, that’s something to think about! I wanted an organizing system that I can easily get to when I am doing my juggling act during that hour to prepare a meal. So I went surfing, and found a free standing cookware rack on the enclume potracks website. Now this makes sense, I could store it in my pantry, and stack the pots and pans on each shelf. The free standing rack has a nice sleek design with different sizes so that I can put the bigger ones on the bottom. And the winning point? I won’t even have to use a step stool or need to call my SO to get it for me.


  1. I love the potracks! I'd also have to get some nice enough pots to display. :)

    I'm a new follower of yours on twitter from the Tuesday Twitter Hop!

  2. I like that free standing rack but I don't have a place for one like that. I wish I had a space for a nice pot rack.

  3. I like pot rack too, but currently my house isn't allowed for it..


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