Tarp Choices & Creativity

We used blue tarps to line the ground for under our camping tents. They are durable and we don’t camp without it. I was looking today to get a tarp to cover Trinity’s outdoor toys. Then I started wondering why do the tarps have to be blue? There are other basic colors like brown, black, etc. and was so excited to find out that I won't have to get stuck with the bright blue tarp again, but I could get a silver tarp or any color I choose.

MyTarp.com has all kinds of tarps you can imagine! I also saw that there are clear tarps. But why would someone use clear? Isn’t the idea is to cover whatever it is that you are trying to hide? The answer is, no. You don’t always want to hide the items behind the tarps. Sometimes you just need a tarp to shield from wind, sun, and dirt.

For example, a small grocery store using the clear tarps to shield the fruits and vegetables from street debris, wind, or rain. Although I am surprised me to see tarps being used in this manner. I thought the awnings, or covers were made from special materials specifically for business use. I am happy to find out that because they are categorized with tarps, and that I can expect them to be a lot cheaper than the custom made awnings or tents. It is fantastic for business owners to be able to spend less than half of what it used to cost for an alternative cover.

For the fun of it, I found an image on Google search to show you another way a blue tarp can be used. Check out the latest Blue Tarp Fashion.


  1. Fun post! Cute trap fashion. WE have a blue tarp covering our wood pile. Happy Blue Monday!

  2. You changed the look of your blog!

    Happy Blue Monday.

  3. A fun blue showing today. Great idea and job.

  4. This made me giggle. Pretty cool what they did with the tarp though. Made me think of that couple that did the duct tape dress and tux.

    I love colors too and why would I want to be stuck with just one.


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