Stylish ScrubTops for My Niece

My niece just graduated from nursing school and on her way to doing wonderful things for the world. When we get together, we would joke about the scrubs she gets to wear, and as the jokes escalate so does the excitement of being the first nurse in the family.

She mentioned that she was looking for cell phone accessories to help keep her cell phone close by, because she didn't think the scrubs provided in the hospital had pockets. But, even after looking at many mobile phone accessories stores, she couldn’t find any holster that would be better in concealing the phones than a built in pocket on the scrubs.

She will have her children at a new daycare and wanted to be reachable in case of emergencies, at least for the first few weeks while the kids get acquainted with the new schedule.

It seemed like a trivial problem, but when she is busy with patients and running around all over in the hospital and it could take a while to get a hold of her. There will be no way to just ask her a quick question except through the front desk or the nurse’s station. So we have to definitely find a way so that she can keep a cell phone close by. Sometimes a quick text is all that is needed.

The one-color plain blue or green scrubs are not your most fashionable wear, but she doesn’t have to fear them anymore. There are patterned, stylish scrubs that come in different colors. I found a great place online to buy nursing uniforms for her to browse and pick from many styles and colors. There are enough to put together a seven day scrubs set. They even have patterned ones, and some with pockets. Scrub tops can be cute and stylist. You just need to find the right material and pattern.
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  1. Sure beats the white on white scrubs most nurses had to wear until recent years. And blue is such a soothing color.

  2. Pockets are very important, as well as comfort and appearance.

  3. i like scrubs though I am not a nurse, i thinnk they are very comfortable.

  4. Ahh..this makes me laugh.. I have been an OR/Trauma nurse for over 15 years..then did a short stint in L/D..where all I wore was OR green or seal blue hospital issued scrubs... I now am in Forensics and Psych..and my fear was.. OMG! I have to wear a different color?? I can't..I just can't! I still really can't... I wear just basic color bottoms.. and a plain colored T shirt...
    Congrats to her though! A whole new world just opened up!!!

  5. They look nice and comfy! And yes, congratulations to your niece:)

  6. It's great to have a nurse in the family. I like those blue scrubs.

    Happy Blue Monday, Amanda.

  7. Scrubs are comfortable and like pajamas..but more acceptable to the world!

  8. Congrats to your niece.

    This is my BF SIL in motion. She is going through the same thing.

    I hope she finds good scrubs that keeps her available for any emergencies.

  9. I've never worn them but scrubs do look comfortable. I can definitely relate to pockets especially for carrying a cell phone.


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