How Google Page Ranks Work

First things first, before we get technical. One person we should recognize is the GPR founder. Google Page Rank was founded by Larry Page, one of the founders of the Google search engine. Not so shabby to have one of the hottest ranking system on the internet named after you, wouldn't you say? To make this article simple to read and identify, I will break it into three parts. From the first article and comments, I have repeatedly noted that there are three key elements to pay attention to in how Page Rank is determined: 1) links, 2) contents, 3) traffic.

Links: Natural building of links is when you write a quality article that another blog, or website finds interesting and they place a link on their site to your article. At which time turns the linking act into a “vote count” - it is called Inbound Links, (IBL) for technical. Like many things in life, voting is the way to get others' approval and attention. If you have many links to your site, then it must have meant that many people are looking, watching and interested in what you’re posting, and what you have to say. As a result, the linking act or voting count equates to your content being valued, or valuable. The more valuable your content is the higher it is rated. If you want to see who links to your site use this link in Google search: link:

Contents: What you post on your website matters. Your articles should represent your blog. What does that mean? If your blog is about fashion, don’t blog about prescription drugs. You can if you want, it just won’t be viewed as valuable content for your site. Next, believe it or not, the comments from other people matter, if you’re receiving quality comments relating to your article, it will count as quality word count and therefore enhancing your content. When you received comments like: “great, beautiful, nice job” all this does is adding the commenter a link to their site. It wouldn't do much for your content, or article, however, they are at least contributing to your traffic rank. It's your choice, me, I prefer not to publish a one, two word comment.

Traffic: this is probably the least important in GPR, as I have seen many higher page rank websites with lower Alexa traffic rank than the lower page rank sites. Although, if you cite back and analyze traffic, links, and quality contents they are all intertwined. For example, if you write an article of interest to the general public, people will come and read it, which increases your traffic, and if they really are genuinely great people, they will link to your article and not steal your work.
In sum, focus on your own site, provide quality content, and start building quality links. This is the best way to get a higher PageRank. These are the items to which I have read and accumulated. Take away what you can. This isn't the last article you will read about Google Page Rank, so if you have further information and contribution to this article please provide them below. Our readers will appreciate it.

Note*This is the same article as the Google Page Rank 1, 2, 3- What Does it Mean? Part II. Due to the article having the same title as the first one, it did not get the attention it deserves. Therefore, I changed its name today.


  1. I find all these articles you write so helpful, Amanda. I am really not all that up to date on this information. In reality, I blog mainly for me but I am delighted to have followers and am immensely pleased that many people seem to like what I write and enjoy my photography.

  2. I'm a long way away from getting a page rank, but it's interesting to learn the challenge I have ahead. Thanks for lighting the way.

  3. You are right in all that you've said about Google page rank. (I thought I'd get those key words in there again for you) :-)
    The hard work is to build up all those, but it takes time. Well done!

  4. It's a compliment when your articles are copied by other bloggers and they always give a person credit and a link to the blog. I feel that sharing is what blogs are all about. If you have a private picture you don't want copied go to Picnic and put your name across it. It's free. I enjoyed your blog. Doylene

  5. Great post and I agree with "one-word comment", and quality content is the key.

  6. I am really enjoying your articles on Google page rank Amanda. While I am relatively happy with my current ranking I wouldn't mind if it went up one.

  7. I'm reading this on March 22. I think all of us "casual bloggers" need to know all we can about traffic and page rank...unless we are just creating an online diary for ourselves only. Thanks.

  8. blog is too good and its helpful for readers really nice blog...

  9. thank you for writing so many helpful things!
    your newest follower,


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