Advertising and Branding That Work

Running a business isn’t easy, as many readers have commented in my post: Business Grants for Entrepreneurs. To be successful a company needs great marketing plans. You can take any successful brand as example and compare. But for a clear-cut contrast let’s choose Starbucks and Peet’s. How many people don’t know about Peet’s? That is right, and yet, Pete’s has the better coffee.

The types of advertising and/ or branding companies invest in effect how their customers respond to their company. For example, most companies tend to cheap out when it comes to spending money on the lanyards and badge holders for the employees. But the funny thing is, the badge and badge reel is the first thing the customers see on the employee. So why doesn’t an employer put more thought and money into making a great first impression?

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, get to know That Advertising Agency. They have a couple of philosophies I found interesting, one of them is creating mixed media marketing campaigns through combing old and new media. They believe that television, radio and print are far from being dead, and the difference is the way consumers are using these media. They understand how to make the internet work for your advertisement by bridging the way the internet has impacted the media.

A question I find most business owners ponder about advertising is what is the return on investment – ROI? After all, when business owners pour those dollars into advertisement, they need to know which works, which doesn’t, and how to track them right? This brings me to the other philosophy that I am proud to mention. That Adverting Agency might be the first of any advertising companies I know that will track your marketing campaigns and tell you how they are doing minute to minute, and day to day. In turn, you can change and alter a campaign if it is not working without delay, wasting time and money on something that just isn't right for your company.

It’s about time someone can stand to their advertisement, right? Business owners need partners that will stand alongside with their expertise while the work is in progress, not just take the money and hope for the best.


  1. I think you are right about the badge thing...and those employees who wear their badge with pride also make a difference.

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  4. Amanda, you have brought up some good points. I have often wondered about some of the corporate decisions made.


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