Jumbo Joe and the San Jose Sharks

Thanks for the post from Margie Kline

For a long time, opposing NHL teams smiled when they saw the Sharks were next on their schedules. Through their first 13 seasons, the Sharks finished above .500 only four times. But their fortunes all changed in November of 2005, when the team made a bold move to acquire Boston Bruins star Joe Thornton.

Now, they still haven't attained the Stanley Cup, hockey's ultimate prize, but Thornton has changed the mindset of the team since being acquired. He has changed the team from sometimes contenders to perhaps have some playoff success to perennial contenders for the Stanley Cup.

Since the trade for Jumbo Joe, the Sharks have never finished worse than 2nd in their division or with less than 99 points. Their team is still developing, and third year coach Todd McLellan, who led the team to the President's Trophy in his first season, has been a great fit for this team after replacing Ron Wilson.

The Sharks are a very exciting team to watch, and will hold up Lord Stanley's Cup sooner or later. Thanks to Direc 4 U television, I will never have to miss a game.


  1. Good guest post but I have to admit I am not a hockey fan. But I do like a good underdog story.

  2. My hubby watches enough sports for both of us. lol


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