Harry Potter Bedroom Contest

Hogwarts Harry Potter Bedroom Idea BlueAre you planning on a bedroom make-over in your home? Here is an opportunity for you to get your creative groove on, show us your talents, and get a major project done.

If your kids are into Harry Potter, this would be a great time to surprise them with adjustable beds and a Harry Potter Bedroom theme. Imagine how enchanted your home would be. The pictures here are some of Harry Potter Bedroom theme ideas. I love the one of the purple walls, isn't it so fabulous for a boy's room? How about ideas for an adult room? Check out my latest update on Harry Potter Bedroom Decorating Ideas.

Did I mentioned? There couldn’t be a better time to start this project because there is a contest Harry Potter Bedroom Contest going on! The prize is the Baroque Bed by Fashion Bed Group, cost $769!

Submit yours before November 25th, 2010 and let me know if you win!
Best of luck.

Harry Potter Bedroom Wall Mural Purple Harry Potter Bedroom Bedding and accessories
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  1. I like the one with the purple walls too, it would be an amazing kids' room. No children here but good luck to all who enter.

  2. My daughter is a HP fan, she would love to join this contest!

  3. Oh this one is cool. Those Harry Potter fans will surely love to have this bedroom. Does it come with a magic broom too? Just to keep the floor clean. hahhaa just kidding.

  4. @SquirrelQueen Yes, the purple wall stands out with those really wicked wiggly lines.

  5. @EbieI wondered who won? Who ever must have been having a lot of fun decorating.

  6. @ruthiIt would be nice if we all could have a little magic each just like the HP kids eh?

  7. Im turing 20 this August and Im getting a harry potter theme room when my older siste, her boyfriend and her daughter move out after my b-day. I don't care how old I am. I love Harry Potter and I never had a cool room since I have a roomate :/

  8. I hope you are now settling in your room. I wish I could see it. I am very much in love with all the wizard stuff.


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