Thursday Two Questions #7

Lately we have been surrounded by oranges and shades of autumn. I didn't want Self Sagacity to be left out, so while at the store trying to look for the best acne products, I snapped a few photos of the oranges I saw. Looking at these photos in the mosaic, could you tell me:

1) Which photo is of the same?
2) Have you always been a photographer, or did you become a photographer since blogging?

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  1. I believe photo three and six are the same. As far as photography is concerned, I get most of the pictures for my blog from Flickr, Creative Commons. I don't have the patience to convert my digital pictures to the computer. Plus, my photos aren't much to brag about. Yours, on the other hand, are quite good.

  2. 1. I have to agree with Margaret on the photos. Great mosaics.

    2. I have always loved taking photos but just recently become serious about photography.

  3. Yea, you are right about the 'orange' dear.. :) I have seen a few among those I know..

    1) Hmm, let me see, is it the first and the last and third with the sixth?

    2) Wow, I used to go round snapping pictures even before I started blogging so it is more like blogging takes photographing to another whole new level..

  4. 1,3,6,8 are alike if i'm not mistaken. I'm not really a photographer i just take a shot when i feels it.

  5. I believe photos three and four(of the yellow peppers) are the same.

    I've been snapping pictures since the mid 80s and in 2008, my husband bought me my first digital camera which I love.

  6. The two on the top (either sides) and the two at the bottom at the corners are the same.
    As a blogger I haven't really been bitten by the photo bug. I mainly write articles. Photos are quicker and seem to attract more comments, I really should get into taking them.

  7. I agree. I think 3 and 6 are the same but I'm usually

    I only started taking photo's since the blog but I think I'm getting better.

  8. Very witty questions...1,3, 6, 8 of course. Hmmm...I enhance it since I join blogging. I am now more aware of angles.

    By the way, I followed you in google connect. Hope you do the same. Thanks

  9. 1) I would say the 3rd one on the top row and the 1st one on the last row are the same. Also, the 1st one on the top row and the last one on the last row looks very similar..

    2) I became obsessed with macro just before blogging..So I combine both for blogging.

  10. A little late but I'm catching up on everyone's Two Questions.

    The photo on the top right looks like a cropped shot of the photo on the bottom left.

    I have been into photography for a long time, before digital. I still have one of my old SLR film cameras.

  11. I think the yellow peppers are one and the same. The rest are carrots, flowers and tomatoes.

    I am a self-taught photographer and I only use a point and click digital camera or my old camera phone (which conked out with photos) or my dog's camera. ;-)

  12. All four corners could possibly be the same.

    In the military I took photo journalism. The class was only ten weeks long and so long ago that all it could possibly do is whet my appetite.

  13. 1. I think the 3rd photo is the cropped version of the 6th photo, so they are the ones that are the same.

    2. I am a photo enthusiast. I got inspired through blogging and by bloggers.

  14. I think numbers 3 and 6 are the same photo.

    I started blogging and photography as a hobby at about the same time.

  15. Thanks all for the good guesses. Krislin, Mona, Anne, Ilovepink, IcyBC have it to the T. The rest of you have guessed only one set and not the other. #8 is a close up of #1 it is a small orange hot pepper, and #3 is a closeup of #6 a regular sweet pepper. This was a fun one. :-)


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