Must Haves that Make Life More Wonderful

Without any doubt my SO and kids are the first and far most important haves in my life. This is a list of material things, and they don't belong here - just in case they are looking for their names.

1. My computer. My SO bought me a new laptop to reward me for being such a great domestic slave. Just joking. My 2004 laptop had been struggling to stay connected with the internet, Windows froze whenever it felt like, slow page load, laptop heating up, and other technical problems that comes with cable internet.
I am so excited to be working on such power, 4GB of memory and 520GB hard drive disk space! But I am going through the transition now and can't wait to be fully functional again.

2. The internet, without the internet, there will be no blogging. How scary is that? I have become very reliant on the internet for information, phone numbers...just check out all my follower's blogs, the wealth of information on their blogs.

3. My DeLonghi Expresso machine, it makes the most awesome Cappuccino with a touch of a button. It was another gift from my SO to me, but we share. ;-). I stirred in a little condense milk and voila, instant indulgence. Too much so that you can see from looking at my round belly.

4. My hair clips. My hair is always up in a bun everyday. I just can't stand to wear it down anymore. Even after a recent massive hair thinning where I was left with half the hair I had, I am still wearing it up.

5. My HTC Evo phone, another gift from my SO. This phone is the most amazing thing right now, you can speak to it and command it to call, send text, send email to whom ever. It is a great phone for on the move. It saved tons of time, and I use it a lot during the waits.

6. My Ooma phone, since I have to call doctors, schools, offices for mom and the kids, I don't have to worry about running up minutes, or paying long distance anymore. I don't even have a land line phone bill.

7. My car! I would be helpless without a car. I don't even have to say much more.

8. My external storage drive, because it stores all my files, photos and videos. I am very paranoid about loosing my data while working with a very unreliable laptop. I backup all my files every now and then, and by now I have so many different versions that I am afraid to delete since I have to go through them first.

9. The garden hose. I use it almost every day. Five minutes to check up on my newly planted Perilla and Peppermints from IcyBC and Koko, and the last little pepper plant that PreciousSewingbox gave me to nourish is all I need to complete my day.

10. My favorite 16 inches beveled pan! It is the right size and a lot better to me than any wok. It makes cooking fast, easy and clean.

11. Seafood. My favorite place to get oysters had switched the type of oysters they carry and raised the price almost double, so I haven't had oysters in a while.

12. My "relaxation juice", usually changes my paradigm, and takes me to a place that is much less tense. I heard if use with control it has positive effects so I will just believe so for now.

13. My Sony Cybershot with 12pixels. I am fine with less pixels, but there were very little price difference. I could live without a camera now if I learn to use my HTC EVO phone better, though a good camera does yield some wonderful returns.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. great list, so many things we take for granted already (like the internet) but what would we do without them? have a great day!

  2. lol I LOVED our "must have" list! I chuckled at some of them, and I totally agree with the "internet" one ... I would be lost without the internet! ha ha. Happy TT!

  3. This makes me want to really think about which of the material goods that I am surrounded by in our mass of clutter are really important to me - and are tools for helping me to God's work and live God's will. an interesting exercise. Thanks!

  4. Are you talking about wine? What's an Ooma phone?

  5. I love the list...i need my computer and internet as well:) hair clips are awesome! i just gave some away:) have a great day:) following from networked blogs...stop by Freckles and Fudge:)

  6. What a great list! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I hope your daughter recovered well!

    Living for Him, Joan

  7. Great list. I think it would be hard for me to narrow it down :)

    Have a great Thursday!

  8. we do share a lot of must haves, i am so much a sea food lover too, despite the fact i have allergies.

  9. I'm with you on the cybershot. I love my digicameras.

  10. The first one and I almost fell off my chair laughing! ...but isn't there a tinge of truth to domestic slavery? What if I add 'willing' ? :)

    I"m so glad I'm not the only one who used sweetened condense milk in my tea and coffee :)

    Doodess, I'm totally loving your robotic phone! I might have to look it up!

    Oooh I love my sony cybershot too! And have missed it these past 3 weeks!

    Love your list! And I cannot live without my car. In my country it would be no problem, but here in America it's a must have to go anywhere!

  11. I am really taken with your list. It is a shame you are so far away. We could grow to be fast friends :-). I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary.

  12. Ahh yes, where would a lot of us be without our phones, computer and internet. I don't know how we survived only 15 or so years ago without them! :)

  13. Great list you have there. I LOVE my HTC EVO phone. Nothing better.


  14. I totally agree with #1, 2, and 7!

  15. I never attempted to list down the must-haves in my life because I am afraid I will be able to come up with a volume of lists. hahaha but your least are pretty much the same as mine especially the computer, phone, car and my camera.

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  17. I'm not sure I have 13 things to list, but know that my computer, camera and car would be on it.

  18. I am right with you on 1,2,4,7,8 and 9!

  19. Nice list. I agree with 1, 2, 7 and 13. Thank you for sharing .

    Thank you for the visit.


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